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About Us - with links

To develop and maintain innovative ideas in the field of authoring, electronic publishing, Education-on line and study tours in Egypt, Nepal, Canada, and UK.

Our Philosophy

Ambilac-UK is a small business set up here in UK as an offshoot of the developing "mother" site in Canada the Ambilac Corporation. The main purport of the UK section is to promote our work and develop additional ideas and contacts throughout Europe and Asia, whilst at the same time furthering developments in North America.


The basic philosophy of our company is to promote new information and innovative ideas to as many people as possible. Basically our fields of interest are that of archaeology, anthropology, ancient civilisations, and current affairs. To this end Ambilac (Canada) developed two introductory CD-ROM's on innovative research concerning the layout of the Giza plateau Cairo, Egypt and the book of Genesis. This was followed up by a very successful book (2001) entitled GIZA-GENESIS, THE BEST KEPT SECRETS - Volume 1. Volume 2 THE SPHINX REVEALED is also now available.
There will be three volumes in this title, of which volume 3 will be available early 2006.

Aside from the e-publications, Ambilac-UK has been developing its work on two main fronts - that of study tours to Nepal, Egypt and Canada, and the development of innovative ideas to further Education on-line.
To this end, Ambilac-UK has teamed up with CAIRN at Nepal (see website on links) to develop the Asian/Nepal study tours and its education programme based at St Xaviers Institute Khatmandu.
The start of the academic year 2004/2005 will see the first pilot scheme of Nepalese students attending short courses in European Institutes.

In addition, a Wales - Nice (South of France) connection has been established and a study month connecting these two locations will commence mid summer 2005.
2004/2005 will hopefully see the development of education on-line (for more information see CAIRN-NEPAL) in order to reach as many people as possible who for many reasons are unable to attend suitable centres.


Howard Middleton-Jones

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Howard looking over the Giza Plateau Cairo on one of the Egypt study tours

CAIRN - NEPAL overview


WALES - SOUTH FRANCE short winter-summer courses

University of manitoba - continuing Education

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