Archaeology of the Holy Lands

Archaeology of the Holy Lands
Science and computing in archaeology
Introduction to Archaeology

Who actually was Moses? – did the walls of Jericho really come tumbling down? And who really built the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, and for what purpose?

Join this innovative and exciting course to unravel many of the ‘mysteries’ and Biblical sites of the Near East – Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Mediterranean.

The course will examine traditional and new archaeological evidence offering a reinterpretation of a number of the Biblical sites in the Near East.





Brief general overview


Session 1:

Course introduction, reading list, and the latest developments effecting the content of this course.


Session 2:

An Innovative look at the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, and the effects of archaeological interpretation.


Session 3:

Introduction to the various archaeological sites, time frames and historical overview.


Session 4:

Introduction to computer techniques relevant to the course content, including a number of interactive archaeology sites.


Session 5:

Biblical archaeology sites on the World Wide Web, including demonstration on how to store and edit your work for future reference.


Session 6:

Dealing with the latest archaeological and astronomical evidence and findings.


Session 7:

Taking specific examples of sites, a closer look at the history and findings of the relevant sites


Session 8:

The latest methods utilised in discovering these sites.


Session 9:

A collation of the latest theories and developments, and their effect on modern society.


Session 10:

Overview of course and final discussion.



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