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Welcome to the Centre for Environmental Awareness, Preparedness and Safe Outdoors Survival

What is CEAPSOS?
The Vision


It has been a contention for some time to set up and develop a centre for environmental awareness (the natural world around us and the effects of nature in the raw), in addition, the centre would provide training and skills in general preparedness for natural disasters and outdoor living/surviving, both for the short and long term.


To this end, and after many visits to Canada (Manitoba) over several years, it has been established that a particular area between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba would be the ideal location. There are many advantages of this location, which are discussed further in the details section.





We follow the track of the wolf....

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Would you prefer an environment free of pollutants, fresh clean air for you and your family to grow up in, something like the picture above represents? rather than what may soon be upon us, if events continue to damage our environment, as the picture below demonstrates!


Naturally, the majority of you would choose the healthy clean environment where fauna and flora, and the human species, could flourish and live healthy productive lives.
One of the main aims of the CEAPSOS project is to help people become aware of the environment around them, to understand the delicate balance of nature and how to live a productive self sustainable life. In addition, because of the many and increasing natural disaster events the planet has been experiencing of late, the centre will provide training in how to prepare for such events, and demonstrate how we can live safely in the great outdoors by developing our survival skills and awareness of the land around us

Centre for Environmental Awareness Preparedness and Safe Outdoors Survival