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Intelligence of Nature - Educational

Our Natural Heritage Reconnecting with the Intelligence of Nature. (Ecology and History) Educational Day Trips.

We invite young people (in school groups, ages 11and up) to discover part of Gower's natural and historic heritage. During a days exploration and activities on the peninsula, participants will be coached to  use all their senses to explore, perceive and express their connection with the natural energies of this unique place. 

Using all aspects of "sensory intelligence" smell, touch, sound, sight, etc. they will learn how to ask questions and gather information that lie beneath the historic facts from the Earth itself. 


What special qualities of these places led the original inhabitants of Gower to produce the largest concentration of megalithic sites in Western Europe?   What special heritage is there for contemporary inhabitants of Wales to rediscover? 

Is it possible for current generations to glean information from the Earth itself as did the ancients?


We will invite participants to weld their abilities of critical thinking, with their natural intuition, and thereby gain a new, more integrated understanding and respect for the Earth and their ancient heritage.



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