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Gower Power sites tour

  Reconnecting with
                                    our ancient heritage in Wales.

This summer and fall Julianna and John will co-lead a weekend workshop on the Gower Peninsula South Wales, focusing on earth energies, the spirituality of sacred sites, and human history. The tour will emphasize "connecting" with not only the natural energies of these sites but also enjoying the countryside and hospitality. The sites chosen for this weekend tour, were formerly - and still are - acknowledged as places where one went for insight, or for healing of body, mind and spirit. The tour is designed in such a way to create time and space to allow us to discover and connect with these ancient places and the energy with in them and ourselves. Our main guide to the region and its archaeological and historical significance will be Howard Middleton-Jones, archaeologist, author and well known researcher on ancient sacred sites.

The next available dates are:

August 22nd - 24th  Art workshop extension additional option the following 2 days - additional 230.00 including accommodation. For those taking both workshops 30.00 discount

September 6th - 8th  Art workshop extension additional option the following 2 days - additional 230.00 including accommodation. For those taking both workshops 30.00 discount

Contact us for further options and dates

The Gower Peninsula - South West Wales Or, as many call it Gower (Gwyr in Welsh) is a peninsula, approximately 18 miles long and 8 miles wide at its broadest, which lingers into the Irish sea with the Atlantic beyond. On the southern flank is the Bristol Channel, the second highest tidal rise and fall in the world, second to the Bay of Fundy http://www.bayoffundy.com/ located between the maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Novia Scotia. Gower was the first area in UK (1958) to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and with good reason! Steeped in ancient history and Celtic mythology, the area has a diverse abundance of flora and fauna, not to mention the breathtaking scenery. Small wonder our ancient forefathers took a liking to this unique area. There are over 30 Iron Age forts in this small area alone. It was in Gower that the megalithic builders (circa 3000 BCE) migrated from eastern Europe and constructed the intriguing sites that are located throughout the area. On our sacred power sites tour we will visit some of these sites, including the original Celtic cell constructed by Irish monks in the 6th century CE (AD), including the location where it is said that the patron saint of Gower, Saint Cenydd, was divinely nurtured by seagulls and a deer.

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Take the Journey of discovery on our sacred sites and archaeology tours on Gower
Tread where 6th century saints established the first Celtic cells, view the remains of the many iron age hill forts and megalithic monuments, such as King Arthur's Stone, and the famous location of the discovery of the Red lady of Paviland, one of the earliest ritual burial sites, circa 24000 BCE

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