The missing files

Who are they - and where do they orginate?

We mentioned in PART IV - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, that these anomalous objects observed orbiting the sun, were in fact Plasma carriers, and possibly of Eridean origin. However, there seems to be an additional object/accompanied object, which may be of a different design. See Anomalous Solar Objects. The Final Countdown glossed on the thesis that our planet was made up of a number of races that inhabited earth many millions of years ago, of which the Pleiadan group was the main representative. Prior to, and long after the Pleiadians, other races were involved in the genetic integration of the inhabitants of earth, and the real make-up of our genetic ancestry may never be completely known. See Lifes true beginnings

As a starting point then, let us take a brief view of the origins and social structure of the Erideans to see where and what role they are playing out in this scenario.

Remember, there is a highly complex historical background as to the present scenario that is unfolding, and therefore in some circumstances complete details may not be available. However, for the benefit of those who wish to comprehend what is transpiring and to take on board an understanding in preparation, we submit the following below.


Initial contact seems to portray them as Reptoid Klingons for want of a better description, but without the physical fighting qualities of that class! They appear to follow the Reptoid pattern of having little logical brain and are controlled by spirit ( It is apparent (?) that this is the first time they have encountered man in its present form, and thus do not comprehend the human race. (Whats new I hear you ask!).

There is one common denominator between them and us, and that is the interest in an old enemy.... THE ANUNNAKI. They seem to be still looking for them. Perhaps this is their motive in orbiting our sun, to await the Anunnaki! If indeed this is the case, then we could witness to and even become drawn into a final conflict!


The Erideans themselves are a completely telepathic race and seem to originate from the constellation of Eridanus. It is represented as... a very long, winding river that starts at the left foot of Orion in the north, sweeps south of Taurus, west to the edge of Cetus, then doubles back east to Caelum, and eventually ends far to the south, at the border with Hydrus Its difficult now to identify which river the constellation represents. Some writers claimed it was the Tigris or Euphrates, others the Nile

The constellation is situated approximately 10.7 to 12+ light years to the NEAR groups, which include Eridanus Delta and Epsilon.

Epsilon is very similar to our Earth and their SUN is in the SAME class. The DELTA planet is said to be a CARBONIFEROUS (Agricultural) Planet that possessed diamonds as ubiquitous as is Quartz. To them they are as decorative as are ROCKS on planet earth. It is inhabited by Reptoids that look fairly Human. Their sun, however is a variable STAR so they also employ COMPLETE Weather control, which enables them to live in Windowless STONE houses. Or possibly reinforced concrete as we know it.

The Erideans are also referred to as CETIANS, or Tau Cetians, a sort of human race of Mediterranean or South American and of tan skinned appearance. These are said to be in alliance with the Pleiadians, who have formed a kind of Cetian alliance with others in a desire to establish a common defence against their reptilian nemesis.

It is thought that the Erideans are very hypochondriac about making contact as the telepathic noise we create would upset them greatly. In addition our gravity is slightly too much for their comfort, and there is a risk of bacterial or virus contamination.

By our standards, they may perhaps appear slightly reptilian, and therefore any contact would have to be controlled contact If they do wish to make contact, it will be at a distance without a physical landing. Due to their complete telepathic abilities, they may not appreciate our normal methods of communication, including radio and television etc.

It is possible that these Eridean Plasma carriers then, are part of a fleet, which are involved in a galactic dispute beyond Jupiter. In summing up, therefore, it is conceivable that an alliance may be possible with this group, as they appear friendlier than the Anunnaki.

There are in fact a number of diverse reptilian races distributed throughout a number of equally diverse galaxies and universes, some are good and some BAD! The Draconians (OKA the draqs) originate from the constellation of Draconis and almost entered our solar system, from the companion to HALE BOPPE comet in 1997. It is believed, however, they were prevented from so doing by the Galactic Federation. Otherwise it would have been a case of Jurassic Park where earth would have provided the best restaurant in the Galaxy.

While from SIRIUS we have the red group, the Sirians, it is this group that is involved in the war beyond Jupiter. The Sirians once inhabited and ruled earth prior to 15,000 BCE (Before the Common Era, or BC) in Atlantis.

Apparently, Sirius seems to be the epicentre of the ASHTAR or ASTARTE collective, where humanoids of various types, Sasquatch, Reptiloids, Greys, and Reptilian hybrid species seem to have collated together in the past. The Sirians have waged war previously with the Orion Empire or the Unholy Six reptilian star systems in the ORION open cluster. The ancient dispute involves just who will serve as the landlords of a sector of space containing 21 star systems including the most strategic star system, SQL and particularly planet Earth, Terra or Shan -- which is a virtual cosmic oasis of water, mineral, plant, animal and genetic resources in incredible variety compared with most other worlds. This dispute between the Sirians and Orion reptiloids dates back to the ancient invasion of Orion by the Draconian EMPIRE, as a result of which many Nordic type humanoids escaped to Procyon, Sol, Sirius and elsewhere. This war in Sirius-B is gravitating towards the SoI System, in that the opposing agendas for this system is one of the major issues of dispute between the two [or three] warring factions sides (Evadamic- Draconian).
However, as previously mentioned the Anunnaki are the race to be apprehensive of to say the least! Who are they? We on earth are said to be genetically and symbolically, part of an off-planet civilisation known as the Anunnaki. Thought to originate in the constellation of Lyra, these were the first creator gods who knew how to create matter, such as planets, stars, life forms for themselves, and eventually others.

The Lyrans physical lifetimes lasted for approximately one thousand years. In time, however, as their life span decreased, they sought out a substance that would enable them to live longer. They discovered that gold not only increased their longevity, but also provided them with a superconductivity, which gave them the ability to be highly telepathic and experience their multidimensionality. See
Eventually, they spread out into the cosmos and created new civilisations, a few went to Vega, others the Pleiades, and others Sirius. However, their need for gold was paramount.

The Anunnaki were said to be tall, and have been called the Nordics or Blondes, emanating a golden glow aura. Their symbol is THE WINGED DISC which not only represents their starship Nibiru, but also symbolic of the ability of the spirit to fly free while remembering its wise, divine source.

These Anunnaki were later called the Elohim (gods) and Nefilim (those who descended).

Upon completion of a number of genetic experiments, in which they created other races, they eventually produced the hybrid Homo sapiens, us. The souls of those who became human came to Earth by their own free will to experience physicality. Several other extraterrestrial civilisations contributed their own input into human DNA and created many races of humans, some of which have now left earth.

Thus the Anunnaki could be said to be pattern-makers, the creators of archetypes and of the template for human life on Earth. One of the Anunnaki leaders was EnIiI (also known as Jehovah). Enkiand EnI1I were half brothers through the same father, Anu, who was the king of this Anunnaki group.

Enlil did not want human to be equal to them, while Enki was in favour of human freedom and equality. In order to ensure that humans would be able to benefit from their ancestry, Enki (the serpent of wisdom and healing) suggested those who came to be called Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. This subterfuge enraged EnliI who, from that point onward, continued to punish humanity whenever they were close to coming to an answer of life itself, thus seeking to reclaim their righfful heritage. See GENESIS CONNECTION. Civilisations and religions were created by Enki and Enlil (and later their offspring). Enki and his lineage developed Egypt. But, these civilisations rarely had long periods of peace.

It is thought that Enlil irradiated Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the Earth and Atlantis sank due to the Anunnakis experiments with sound technology. The last great flood, approximately 13,000 years ago, became a legend when Enki went against the other Anunnaki and saved humans (the Noahs of Earth) when EnIiI wanted to destroy them.
Mars also had a civilisation that was developed by the Anunnaki. Eventually and possibly after the Exodus, other Anunnaki left the earth, and their secrets of transforming gold into the powerful substance that allowed their longevity also vanished. In time, humans who remembered died or disappeared. The knowledge was lost, and yet, people kept trying to capture that special essence of gold in the form of statues mistakenly believing it was their key to immortality.

Whether today the Anunnaki would be able to adapt to our planets environment is debatable. However, the main advantage of the Anunnaki, like the Erideans, their telepathic ability, may also be their downfall, their Achilles heel if you will. In a telepathic society there can be little crime, but also little FREE WILL. In general, we, as humans at least do have this choice of free will corruption or enlightenment? You choose!

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