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Our new planet, Comet Lee and 2012
Introductory Overview.

In July of this year (1999) we made a 12-point statement on the Archaeology. Archaeoastronomv and Ancient Civilisations website; mj/page2.html under the article entitled THE GENESIS CONNECTION mj/page3.html

Included in this article overview were the following crucial points, as itemised on the relevant numbered statements;

1. The Giza Plateau is a cosmic blueprint, a roadmap or marker, left behind circa
12000 BP as to the lineage and root origins of our civilisation.

7. Why it is essential for the tomb (under the plateau) to be opened by the 21st September of this year (1999) prior to the full effects of Comet Lee.

8. What lies under the Plateau; for what purpose is the equipment being used and why it may no longer function after the 21st September 1999.

11. Are we going to have a new neighbour, the sun giving birth?, on the 21st December

12. A satellite pyramid of the pyramid of Khufu will be the centre point for the complete Giza alignment on 21st December 2012, at 22.18 hours (local Cairo time), where the earth. Sun, Mercury and Venus will be completely aligned.

Continuing from that article, and the follow up article CRYSTAL CLEAR we now bring you an important introductory section prior to our most crucially and highly relevant update very soon to be released.
As explained in the Crystal Clear article, many anomalous weather events; are being witnessed, such as unusual large solar flare activity, detection of anomalous objects during the recent solar eclipse, formation of a mystery object orbiting the sun, fireballs in the skies, earthquakes and much more.
What has all this to do with the Giza Plateau and our ancient origins on this planet? Plenty, and here we begin to get down to the real nitty gritty issues and attempt an explanation as to what is, and WILL, occur.

The date of September 21st 1999, was not one pulled out of a hat at random, when we first brought that date to the fore front (over a year ago), we were well aware that on that date an irreversible, non preventable series of events would begin to unfold. And for anyone who may just waking up, these began on Sept.22, 1999. Anomalous solar activity;

Magnetometer and HAARP readings for that day and additional relevant data;

On April 15th or 16th Comet (C/I 999 HI LEE) was detected approaching our solar system. What made this Comet different from most was its declination as it approached our solar system, and eventually was to later pass through at. Not a whole lot was said about this Comet ---well, it must be said that sadly science today still holds on to the Big Bang theory--well this little Comet served as their wake up call. For further information on Lee and additional data see the Millennium group site.

Once we had successfully decoded Genesis, the only unknown was what would trigger the series of events leading up to the date of Universal expansion (21st December 2012). Enter Comet Lee!!!----and bang on schedule. Comet Lee was highly instrumental in triggering the Suns birth of our newest planet. That planet is presently forming very close to the Sun, in an orbit slightly offset of the inner planets that are presently orbiting For the anomalous SOHO satellite pictures of this link to the following sites; 24th.October - gif
23rd October -
http//sohowww. nascom . nasa .gov/data/realtime/javagif/gifs/19991018_0650 c2.gif While take a look at this unusual photograph, mid October:

Originally, this anomaly was termed the Sun Cruiser!

The Genesis connection:

This new planet will continue on its present orbital path, while simultaneously continuing to solidify, until - yes you have it! 21st December 2012. At which time it will shift into the same orbital path along with the other existing inner planets. In the book of Genesis this is described in the story of Cain and Abel, where it was described as the birth of Cain.

Once the time of expansion arrives, and the criteria met, which will accommodate Cains placement within the system, we call that new location Abel. Cain then shifts over into this new placement position which will be clearly defined, and which is reserved for Abel. Cain slays Abel etc. etc. Before we proceed to explain the events, which will occur on that date, we will be clarifying how this is all possible. Succinctly put, science today views the driving force of our Universe as being driven through electromagnetic interaction, and our planets are under the influence of this electromagnetic energy interaction of (and with) our Sun. This electromagnetic energy is travelling outwards (from the Sun) in a wave motion. This particular energy source is (1) one Dimensional, and as we perceive OUR universe in (3) three dimensions, we must establish the source of the energy (electromagnetic input) which substantiates our existence in this (3) three-dimensional Universe. It is through this inter-weaving of electromagnetic wave patterns that define our planets evolutionary process. These (3) sources (of which our Sun is but one of) are being emitted, or originated from neighbouring constellations.

The angle of as well as the maximum arc spread of these (3) incoming waves is very precise. The fixed angle is precisely (30) thirty degrees, (30 degrees latitude is the prime latitude for entry for space vehicles from space) the operational angle is set to a maximum of (50) fifty degrees of arc (Remember the measurements of Noahs Ark -.width of 50 height of 30). The electromagnetic interaction which occurred between the Sun and Comet Lee as Lee passed by the Sun, at that declination and over that distance, triangulated with an incoming wave pattern from another Sun, in another constellation. This triangulation caused a controlled plasma release from within the Sun. See these graphically presented links!
httrp//www.cbjd.. net/orbit/sun/cmemissed . html

But because we are only 13 years from total alignment (Universal), the influence of the Star in our neighbouring constellation has managed to hold this plasma discharge in a tight orbit around the Sun. That is, verses moving out and away from the Sun as most plasma releases do. Keep in mind that 13 years in Universal time is hardly anything, and that those (2) neighbouring stars are almost in their alignment positions now. When those stars move (at the time of alignment) on 21st December 2012, they will push (or pull) that new orbiting body away from the Sun and place it into its new orbit, which is on our orbital plane. Could the above be interpreted as the same event that Nostradamus referred to as the FIRST WAVE?? - We believe so....

Very soon, we will publish here one of the most crucial and important texts towards an understanding and preparation of what is soon to occur.
Please stay tuned...

James M Wilkie
Howard Middleton-Jones
October 1999

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Comet Lee in 1999 and the effects to our planet, the birth of a new planet in our solar system and the year 2012


First Wave.

In 1564, Nostradamus predicted a powerful alien force in three deadly waves would destroy the earth: During the first Wave, alien life forms pose as human to prepare their invasion. The second Wave will be a full-scale alien attack. And the Third Wave will be the end of the planet, as we know it.
According to the prophecy, Earths only hope rests with a twice blessed man who holds the key to saving humanity.
Coincidentally, a film has recently been produced, The First Wave, based on the very same prophecy!


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