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Referenced by author, date Title, Publisher, condition and price.


Abrams Eds 2000 Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids; Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hardback – VGC- 15.00 (Pretty heavy book!---weight that is!)


Ange-Pierre Leca 1976 The Cult of the Immortal: Mummies and the Ancient Way of Death – Paladin

Hardback Reasonable condition 2.50


Allen James P 2009 Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Hieroglyphs

Set text Paperback reasonable condition 5.00 - RESERVED


Aldred Cyril 1974 Egypt to the end of the Old Kingdom Book Club Associates

Hardback good condition 5.00


Aldred Cyril 1980  Egyptian Art In the Days of the Pharaohs 3100 – 320 BC

Paperback Good condition 4.00


Andrews C 1981 – This edition a 1981 impression – The Rosetta Stone BM Press

Paperback 31 pages good condition 2.00


Bahn P.G Ed 1996 Tombs Graves and Mummies: 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology Wiedenfeld and Nicolson

Hardback VGC 6.00


Brendon Piers 1991 Thomas Cook: 150 years of Popular Tourism Secker and Warberg

Hardback good condition 5.00 (Excellent reading of the early travels in Egypt)


Brier Bob 1996 Egyptian Mummies

Paperback good condition 3.00 - RESERVED


Bonechi 1994 Art and History of Egypt

Paperback (folio) reasonable condition 3.00


Collier M Manley B 1998 How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs  BM Press

Hardback good condition 5.00


Cottrell Leonard 1962 Penguin Book of Lost Worlds Two Volumes

Vol 1 Egypt, Mesopotamia and Indus

Vol 2 Crete, Mycenae, Anitoloa and Etrurica

Paperbacks reasonable condition 2.50 each or 4.00 for both



Crawford  O G S 1954 Archaeology in the Field Phoenix

Hardback reasonable condition 3.00


Desroches Noblecourt 1965 Tutankhamen – Life and Death of A Pharaoh Penguin

Paperback reasonable condition 3.00


Dobelhofer Ernst 1973 Voices in Stone – Book Club Associates

Hardback good condition 2.50 - RESERVED


Edwards ES 1972. Treasures of Tutankhamun: British Museum Exhibition catalogue

Paperback, good condition - 5.00


Edwards I E S 1947 The Pyramids of Egypt Pelican Books (reprinted 1979)

Fair condition 3


Gros de Beler 2004 Pharaohs Grange Books

Hardback VGC 6.00 – Interesting book..


Hart  G 1991 Pharaohs and Pyramids – A Guide Through the Old Kingdom Egypt Guild Publishing

Hardback good condition 5.00


Haywood J 1997 Ancient Civilizations of the Near East and Mediterranean

VGC 6.00 large book RESERVED


James TGH 1992 Howard Carter – The Path to Tutankhamun

Good condition paperback 5.00


Kanawati  N 1992 The Rock Tombs of El-Hawawish – The Cemetery of Akhmim Vol X – Australian Centre for Egyptology Macquarie University Sydney

Large Paperback good condition 24.00 (Hard to get…esp at this price!) SOLD!!


Kanawati N 1988 A Mountain Speaks – The First Australian Excavation in Egypt – Akhmim – Macquarie University Sydney

Paperback reasonable condition with inscription inside to Gwynn Griffiths



Lemesurier Peter 1977 The Great Pyramid decoded Element

Paperback good condition 6.00 (scarce copy)


Lons Veronica 1965 Egyptian Mythology – P Hamlyn

Hardback (Folio) good condition 2.50


MENDELSSOHN Kurt 1975 The Riddle of the Pyramids Book Club Associates

Hardback good condition 4.00


Meinardus Otto 2003 Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity AUC Press Cairo

Brand new paperback 8.00 (a spare copy)



Moorhead  1964 The Blue Nile (Penetration of Ethiopia and the French and Turkish invasion of Egypt and Sudan)

Hardback Fair condition 2.50


Oakes Lorna 2003 Pyramids, Temples and Tombs of Ancient Egypt – Hermes House

VGC large hardback 6.00


Robins Gay 1997 …… The Art of Ancient Egypt. British Museum

Hardback Good condition 8.00


Rose-Marie and Hagen R 1999 – Egypt: People, Gods and Pharaohs Taschen

Large hardback good condition 6.00


Ruffle J 1977 Heritage of the Pharaohs


Spence L 1996 - The Illustrated Guide to Egyptian Mythology Studio Editions

Good condition large hardback 6.00


Taylor J 1995 Unwrapping a mummy

Paperback good condition 2.50


Tyldesley Joyce Egypt 2005 How A Lost Civilization was Rediscovered BBC Books

Good condition 4.00  RESERVED


Vandenberg P 1977 Curse of the Pharaohs

Hardback good condition 3.00


Velikovsky Immanuel 1960 Oedipus and Akhnaton

Hardback collectable good condition 6.00 SOLD..


Watterson Barbara 1998 The Egyptians

Paperback Good condition 8.00


Watterson Barbara 2003 The Gods of Ancient Egypt Bramley Books

Hardback (folio) good condition 4.00


Weir Sir M 1989 Images of Egypt Pyramid Books (General shots of Egypt)

Hardback good condition 1.50


Wildung Dietrich 1997 Egypt From pre-history to the Romans Taschen

VGC 6.00 Large hardback


Museum Guides


A Guide to the Egyptian Museum (Cairo) 1988

Egyptian Antiquities Organisation Museum Services – A Brief Description of the Principal monuments

Paperback good condition 5.00 (Could be a collectable!) RESERVED


Luxor museum Guide 1978 In French

Good condition 1.50


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