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With the increasing tragic events in Egypt, the resulting sheer complexities surrounding the situation, including the general and spreading looting issues, here are a number of links of 'better' and 'happier' days via my vast collection of photographic surveys and collections/
All photographs have been taken over the 20 years of my visits to Egypt. The earlier photographs were taken by my 35mm camera (1990's to early 2000) while photographs taken up to 2008 were using a good resolution digital camera, and from 2009 onwards a high resolution SLR camera.
The photographs include the many important ancient Egyptian sites and a number of Coptic sites. Also included is the aerial survey of the West Bank Necropolis in 2010, and a selection of daily life on and around the River Nile.
This is an on-going project and there are many additional photographs and sets to add in the near future.

Egyptian archaeological sites Photo surveys


Abusir 2005


Abu simbel 2010


West Bank necropolis aerial survey 2010


Edfu temple 1999 and 2010


Hatshepsut mortuary temple Deir el Bahri  1996 – 2010


Luxor and Karnak temples 1999


Philae Temple 2010


Dendera temple 1999 – 2010


The Giza Plateau – Pyramid of Khufu 2005


Kom Ombo 2010


West Bank Necropolis Luxor




Coptic sites


Aswan Coptic Cathedral Archangel Michael



St Mathew the Potter monastery Esna 2008


Qubbet el Hawa Aswan 2010



St Michael’s Monastery Naqada 2008


St Simians (Anba Hadra) Aswan 2008


St Simians Anba Hadra Mass 2010


Deir el Surian (St Syrians’) Monastery Wadi el Natrun



Wadi el-Rayan desert Coptic cave hermitage East of Fayum 2005

St Gabriels’ Monastery Naqlun, Fayum 2005




Cairo – general 2005-2010


Mohamed Ali Palace 2008



Egypt – life on the river Nile 2010


Egypt and the Nile


Egypt – A day in the life







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