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Welcome to my commercial photography section. Here you will find a diverse array of subject areas that will promote and generate interest in your promotion and marketing campaigns.
My Photography is one of a creative aspect, harmonizing with the natural and built environment in order to capture that 'second look' in turn promoting the idea of pictorial asthetics.
I specialise in environmental landscape (natural and built) and archaeology-antiquity photography, with interest in architecture, construction, adventure and sport events and post event sessions, such as individually designed events - please see the list below.
For further information please refer to the list below

Subject areas:
Natural and built environment
Archaeology and sites of antiquity
Industrial and construction
Adventure and sporting events

Weddings - in conjunction with Phill Jenkins' Photography
Post event sessions (individually tailor-made sessions, such as 'rock the frock' or 'trash the dress' etc - see under this section for further details

Forthcoming exhibitions:


Oriel Bach Gallery - Mumbles, Swansea UK

July 29 - August 18


Oriel Bach Gallery


To request further information or to discuss your requirements please email me here

Telephone/text: Howard Middleton-Jones 07855268608

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