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After the wedding and honeymoon is over, didn't you wish you had more time at the ceremony to take the more informal setting photographs?
Whether it was a wedding ceremony or other stressed out related event, now is your opportunuity to have those more informal and relaxed photo sessions.
The 'post event' sessions, such as 'Rock the Frock' or 'Trash the Dress' etc offers the opportunity where you and your partner dress up in the original formal attire for the more creative and individually styled photo sessions
You pick the time and location, and what you wear - we just come along and record the event. No hassle, no audiences (unless you want friends to join in with you) no stress - and at the end of the session, you can 'trash the dress' or suit - as long as it yours of course!

The advantages of these type of sessions are many:
Freedom of location - you choose the venue.
No time schedule to stress about - you choose time to suit
No worries or other guests to be concerned over
Share the excitement
Be creative - see some of the 'rock the frock' video links below.

Some ideas of locations that have been used by  'rock the frock' sessions:
The Beach:
A very popular medium - using the sands and backdrops of sand dunes, and of course getting wet in the sea!
Castle Ruins
A great backdrop offering that creative opportunity giving that atmospheric look and feel.
Rail stations
Popular with a number of couples, lending to that 'busy' approach with movement of people and trains (this may involve an extra licence fee - e.g. in London underground there is a licence charge of about 40 per hour)
Derelict sites:
Such as deserted urban buildings, warehouses etc 
Open spaces, wild country and old farmyards with disused machinery - popular amongst the followers of 'country and western'
Parks and Gardens
The more formal gardens approach - offering the idea of harmony and peace
Be creative - as long as it is 'safe'.

See below a few links to videos that will show you how the sessions are organised and the type of locations used.
This will give you an idea of how you may want to organise your own session.
Remember - be creative!


Session costs:
The basic fee is 150 and includes the following.
  • Pre location meeting to discuss your requirements
  • Arrival at your chosen location and approximately one hour Photo shoot.
  • Help to select the best photographs for you
  • Three mounted 10 x 8 chosen Photographs

Additional costs:

CD with all high resolution images - 25

Prints - available in the following sizes and mounted

18x12"      32.00 each

A4              15.00

10 x 8        12.00

8 X 6            8.00

Any site licences or travel expenses over a 15 mile radius of Swansea centre