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Brief Backround and Bio of Howard Middleton-Jones


Born and bred on the Gower Peninsula (the first area in Great Britain to be designated An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty) on the South West coast of Wales, UK
Educated at the Universities of Swansea, Wales and Oxford UK
A Practioner member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists, howard has travelled widely in Europe, North America and Canada, Nepal and many trips to Egypt in the ongoing search in investigative archaeology and related anthropological work.
Howard has an avid interest in desert communities and survival in extreme conditions.
For 20 years he was a member of the Royal Naval Reserves, where he served as a communications instructor, both at sea and HQ communication centres.
Howard's publications include two major books on Egypt and the pyramid sites, and a local book on Gower's history and archaeology.

In brief

Relevant experience:
Over 30 years of mountain - wilderness walking
Mountain Leadership Certificate (Plas-Y-Brenin Mountain Centre Wales1979)
7 years desert experience
35 years driving in all terrains and vehicles
40 years experience in sea sports, especially surfing and competed in over 150 Triathlons

20 years Royal Naval Reserves
Author of several books and CD's

Lecturer and investigative Egyptpologist/Archaeologist

Main interests:
Desert survival
Sea survival
Wilderness activities

Available for contracts in UK, Europe, North America and Egypt

Click here for list of publications

Journey Through Gower HMJ

Howard's site on survival and preparedness in extreme natural earth events

Howard's investigative archaeology site

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