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Journey Through Gower 2006

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Journey Through Gower
Journey Through Gower 2006
A Journey Through Gower CD

2006 Overview

To coincide with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Gower Peninsula being designated the first area in Great Britain an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) at long last the popular publication Journey Through Gower, was  updated and re-printed - originally for the Autumn/winter 2006.


Unfortunately, due to a number of delays and pricing concerns, it was decided to hold off the book version and produce a CD version with new photographs (the originals also included) and an audio version of the whole book. The 'talking book' section will be available as MP3 files so you can download and listen to the book while you are walking around Gower - a truly interactive experience.


The CD will be available in the early part of November 2007


Journey Through Gower is a personal account of the archaeology, history, wildlife and peoples of this unique and beautiful Peninsula. With detailed information on each segment of Gower, walking the trails and paths enables one to visualize what Gower may have looked and felt liked aeons ago, and how the people lived on this wild and rugged coastline.


From ancient Palaeolithic times, right through the Roman occupation and beyond, the traveller will experience the incredible feeling of the combination of history and being one of the landscape.


Originally written in 1982 as a guide to both the tourist and local alike, in an attempt to explain the uniqueness of this Peninsula, the original authors’ commentary of the increased effects of tourism and erosion was a prophetic image as to what has and is occurring today. Fortunately, and as mentioned in the first edition, conservation work carried out by environmental groups and the local authorities’ has been instigated to prevent major erosion and damage to Gower’s unique environment.



Journey Through Gower


Howard Middleton-Jones

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While the "Journey Through Gower" CD will eventually be available in most book stores, you can order copies here.
The CD will be retailed at 5.99, however you may reserve your copy here at the special price of 4.50 (plus 1 postage) which will be posted direct to your home.

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Howard Middleton-Jones

Archaeology and Sacred Power sites of the Gower Peninsula