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Ancient Sacred sites workshops
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The workshops are designed in such a way to create time and space to allow us to discover and connect with these ancient places and the energy with in them and ourselves.

Our main guide to the region and its archaeological and historical significance will be Howard Middleton-Jones, archaeologist, author and well known researcher on ancient sacred sites.

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Art, Earth Energies and Sacred Sites An experiential workshop designed to restore and enliven artists..

The ancient Celts were intimately connected to all of Nature. The energy of this connection informed their lives and inspired their art.

By taking time to connect with the Earth energies, contemporary artists of any level and heritage, will have the opportunity to become inspired by the power sites of Gower, as were its early inhabitants.

We will get underneath the surface of these sites by using ancient techniques that awaken all our senses. In so doing, we will be able to discern underlying energies and movements that reside in such places, and then we will explore ways of expressing our discoveries in the medium and style of our choice. 

Discover for yourself what we can perceive and what we can express

Shamanism, Kelts and Art

Archaeology and Sacred Power sites of the Gower Peninsula