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Solar amomalies Part 2

Recent interesting solar activity...another planet looms?

The following photographs are captured images from the SOHO and LASCO instruments 1.5 Kilometres from earth...

They show some anomalous and interesting activity


This image shows a LASCO navy military capture as @ 14:42 GMT  October 20th.
As you can see there appears to be two planets in transit in the 3 o'clock reality there is at present only one planet in transit, mercury.
On the normal C3 image at exactly the same time, the second "planet" was not visible???
BUT WAIT - there is MORE...

Here is an overlay of both navy and LASCO C3 normal image at  exactly the same time - 14:42 GMT which demonstrates it was in one frame and not the other..??


So...what happened? is this our new planet we talked of? or ...?
BUT WAIT - It occurred AGAIN..!! a day later  on 21st October..see below!


AND for added interest...see the anomaly at 6 o'clock position...these are often termed "solar cruisers" ..this was not on the previous or post images of LASCO...normally imaged every hour or so..
Looks like it gassed up up at the pumps!!
Click on image to view from satellite source


My thanks to our fellow researchers, Nocomis et al, at the Full disklosure forum::::

Fulldisklosure Forum

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