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Current solar storms

Earth receiving quite a battering currently:


We have observed massive solar flaring and geo storms earth directed over the last few days...and now, on October 28th we have experienced MEGA X-Class flares...check out the following data...

Caution - with this high sol acticity, massive radiation winds will cover earth ...high doses of X-rays - wear dark glasses and avoid going out too much while we experience this phenomena.


Current solar data chart - updated hour by hour - so capture and save any interesting peaks of on the above image to access live site.


Electron flux peak - I have captured this image here, as when you access the live site it may have changed.
Now look below for the next round of events from our sun - she sure is in overtime right now!

C2 Satellite capture of mega Coronal mass ejection - see date stamp on bottom of image for time.


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The immediate after effects of that CME -


MEANWHILE - Check this link for incoming proton storm!!!

The flash you see on tha bove animation originates from a major sun spot - probably 486 a new spot recently developed