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Exercise Bright Star 1999 - flying over the Great Pyramid at Giza Cairo


Welcome to the Giza-Genesis connection - This site is to be read in conjunction with our work at Ambilac and our Internet radio shows

Please follow the thread and links below to gain an understanding of the Giza Plateau (Pyramid complex) the Book of Genesis and what is occurring on our planet and beyond.

A new kid on the block? has our sun given birth to a new planet?
Follow our work (we put this forward as a valid thesis in 1998) on the solar anomalies page.

Mysteries of the mind - with Alex Merklinger

Current solar storms

Also - Follow the solar activity at ORBIT


Egyptian Temples


Hall Of Records Part 1

Hall Of Records Part 2

The archives for our shows with Alex Merklinger may be accessed from the mysteries of the mind website and direct via the links below::

Mysteries of the mind with Ambilac - October 17th 2003

Mysteries of the mind with Ambilac - October 3rd 2003


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Mysteries of the mind with Ambilac August 29th 2003

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