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SOS November/December 2005 sample Edition


When one knows that time is short, it is a good plan to ensure your house is in order, and by this I mean a blanket preparation and organisation on many matters. This will include the pyschological/spiritual in addition to the physical requirements, for forewarned means forearmed.

In the event of a major disaster, and only recently we have witnessed the recent build up of many of these events on a global scale, combined with prospect of major conflict, it is indeed prudent to be well prepared - "just in case" - as many would say!


Sun trace on surface

In recent months we have witnessed countless and growing earth-changing events; increased volcanic and earthquake activity, severe unusual storms, hurricanes, fires devastating thousands of acres in all parts of the globe and unusual weather patterns.

It is only prudent to be prepared for any eventuality





There are many well- informed and excellent sites on the Internet, a few of which are listed within the SOS site here. However. to discover what the initial effects prior to any major passing or extreme solar system events may be, is often difficult to track down. Here in succinct form, with available URL references wherever possible, is a short list of what to be aware of and how to cope with the situation BEFORE a major catastrophe unfolds.




We have already discussed in brief the increased earth changing events so one must keep an eye out for the increased activity of natural events. One of the main tell-tale sources that something may be up in our sol system is just that, our SOL, our sun. The sun will reflect and react with any extra solar system object that is inbound, thus to keep an eye on the solar activity would be of utmost importance. As long as the sites are kept running watch the SOHO and LASCO latest solar images at watch for any unusual flaring from the sun, while at the same time keeping an eye on the relevant data charts at the daily updated SPACE WEATHER

A very useful site to keep a daily watch on is the ORBIT site, maintained by a salty stalwart Ken Steadman - This is a very useful site in that many of these unusual events we are witnessing today are commented upon by a global readership of wide ranging abilities and experience. Not to mention events that are being recorded as seen and experienced in their own local areas.


If anything IS out there, the activity of our sun will be one of our first signs. Increased Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and solar flares if geo related earthbound will effect many of the satellite communications. If this solar wind/radiation increases in strength and occurrence, you will witness the following early signs.


Interruption of cell phone service, power outages, television and radio broadcast interruptions.


Suddenly you are having constant problems accessing numbers or receiving calls on your cell (mobile) phone, this will increase as the electromagnetic disturbances gain in power, as many of the satellites providing services are disabled. Eventually, there will be no service on your cell phone or satellite TV, other methods of communication may persist for some time after these initial surges, but not for long.

Eventually, as the Electro magnetic disturbances reach their peak, all power will be disrupted and disabled, no electric, no gas no oil no power to pump anything anywhere.


But you say, I have supplies of batteries and torches, yes these items are always useful to keep on hand in normal circumstances, but by then we will not be experiencing normal circumstances. As the EM increase, cars and all vehicles reliant on battery power to maintain ignition power, will suddenly stall and come to a dead halt as the batteries will be fried by the radiation levels this will also include the torch batteries you have stored.

In fact ANYTHING that relies on some sort of power gained form a stored energy source involving electrical voltage will be disabled.





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Alternate Heat and Light

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