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In memory to all the solar anomaly researchers

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C2 Satellite CME causing recent geo strorm

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In dedication to Kent Steadman of Orbit fame
1942 - 2008

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The above 1999 image from SOHO C3 was one of the solar anomalies that gave renewed vigour into researching the anomalous solar activity - we called it the STARGATE..

Very latest SOHO solar images

A few million miles out in space are a number of military-Government satellites, a number of which are designated to capture images and data 24 hours a day of our sun, the project is under the joint general NASA/ESA SOHO where SOHO refers to the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

In recent years observers have been witnessing a number of peculiar and intriguing anomalies occasionally (and increasing in frequency) materialising around the area of the sun. Many of these anomalies on appearing have on occasions been blacked out by NASA officials, or the images completely taken down for a few hours. Because of the frequency and blatant obvious signs they now show, it seems that on most occasions officials have ceased to alter these images

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Pic of the week ARP148 Cosmic firework courtesy BBC and NASA

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