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Original main Ambilac research site - Archaeology/Egyptology

Ambilac safe survival and preparedness section

Orbit - Kent Steadman

GLP current discussion calling on Solar researchers

Solar related links and information

SolarIMG - dedicated to outreach and education of space weather and related issues with quality podcasts, tools, analysis and aggregation!

Latest live Solar SOHO satellite images

SolarIMG Artis - useful all Solar related links and satellite feeds

Space Weather

Live solar coronal mass Ejection CME tracking

Current solar data

Integrated space weather - many live images and live data...may take a few seconds to load

LASCO C3 current raw images

Todays space weather

Auroral activity - current situation

Stereo Solar 3D and access to Stereo live

SID monitor - Space Weather monitor - Stanford Solar Center

Space Weather Prediction center

Todays Space weather - A virtual tour of the Universe

Related earth-monitoring links

Global live events map; courtesy of RSOE Hungary

HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - Alaska

Live IRIS sesimic monitoring map for earthquakes

Current live internet seismic activity charts from around the globe - updated every 30 minutes

Current and recent earthquake activity

World web cam satellites

Disaster and Preparedness links 

Ambilac Survival and Preparedness links page

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination GDAC

World wide weather maps

Mars Anomaly Research