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'Torpedo hit' 2002


In 1998, Ambilac as a team expanded its research interests in the origins of our planet through archaeology, history and archaeoastronomy, to that of the astronomical 'anomalies' that were being witnessed in our Sol system.
The work took off with a cosmic surge when we began to witness a number of increasing unsual solar anomalies - such as the famous 'Stargate' event (see home page).
It was at this time we were also in continuous contact with Kent Steadman of 'Orbit' fame and it is thanks to Kent's own research and devoted interest in this field,  that I began an avid interest in following not only the Solar anomalies, but other events occurring in our own Sol system and beyond.
Whilst one can never live up to or replace (or wish to) the major and vast contributions that Kent made to our understanding of our planet and sol system, I dedicate this site in memory to Kent  to show in some small way my appreciation of his lifelong committment to Orbit and his readers.
We were also in contact with a few other researchers  working in this area at that time - people such as Liz Edwards, 'Rusty' Rutherford,  Elaine Lucas and Doug Pooley of 'Flash Radar' - to them my many thanks.for their hard work towards an understanding of not only the unusual Solar activities, but to the solar system in general.
Whilst we regret the passing of Doug in 2006, I have lost contact with the other researchers, and trust that they are still here today.
Howard M-Jones April 2008

Update April 2010 - Sadly I hear that all the solar researchers we were involved in over the years have now gone to the stars themselves. I have written an article in memory of these great people on our main ambilac site - you can also access there all the pdf chapters of the CD 'SOHO Strange' CD I compiled. Just click here!!

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This site is an on-going development and will include regular updates, links and articles related mainly to the sctivities of our sun and our Solar system in general.
Contributions welcomed!