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EGYPT - Study Tours

Welcome to the Genesis Egypt study tours site - MAAT -

Whether you wish to visit CAIRO and the PYRAMID COMPLEX at GIZA, LUXOR and the VALLEY of the KINGS to visit the tomb of TUTENKHAMUN, KARNAK and LUXOR TEMPLES, ASWAN and the TEMPLE OF PHILAE or RAMSES Temple at ABU SIMBEL -
Here, you will find all the information for an exciting, enjoyable and memorable trip to one of the most intriguing and mysterious countries of the world - EGYPT.

The purpose of these study tours is to help in promoting an awareness and understanding of not only the cultures of the countries visited, but to experience the unique "feel" of the country. To completely immerse oneself in the environment where the ancients trod thousands of years before is to regain that "amnesiac knowledge" that is in all of us. We also have an enjoyable time too!

You have seen on television, film and in the media the increasing interest in Egypt and its intriguing past, so why not experience it first hand in a safe, well guided and enjoyable tour.
Words cannot describe fully the sights you will visit, to step in the footstpes of the ancients and to actually breathe and feel the atmosphere is to experience the physical and spiritual being.

Tours are arranged throughout the year and at various destinations and locations, please link to news and latest events for the next available dates.
However, we do find that the most popular all-round tour is the one that includes a Nile cruise. This is an ideal method in which to take in many of the sites and to get that real feel of Egypt. Whether you are a "first timer" or a regular visitor to Egypt, you will never tire of the full itinery of this tour.


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Author on the Giza Plateau Cairo

The author (Howard Middleton-Jones) atop the Giza Plateau Pyramid complex, Cairo.

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