Are you Prepared for a 'Jericho' type- event?

Chapter 3 Are You Prepared?
Chapter 2 Manyana
High Power Microwave - HPM/EMP
Appendices - Disaster plan
Chapter 4 - 'Thar she blows' - who put the lights out?


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The Ability in Preparedness for a man-made or natural disaster;

And the resulting post effects


A practical handbook in surviving the unthinkable


Howard Middleton-Jones

An on-going work which will be available gratis here - please check in regularly for new chapters

Based upon the CBS Television series 'Jericho' .

Author's Preface

Subject to occasional changes

Authors Preface




2.The signs – Manyana was yesterday.


3.Are you Prepared? Flight or Fight?


4.“Thar she blows” – who switched the lights off? Nuclear event.


5. High Power Microwave (HPM - E-Bomb) or – get out of the Kitchen


6. The challenges – Trials and Tribulations – Psychological trauma


7. The reality – survival in the raw


8. Acceptance – in for the long haul - Back to the land, toil and till.








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Jericho - Author's Preface

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