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The list below is continually updated as and when new material (and old) comes to light.
The list is split into several sections to include noth current and new researth/excavation results and original material

Site Excavations:
January-February 2010 Supreme Council of Antiquities excavations.
1998 - Supreme Council of Antiquities

Current publications and research
Dekker, Renate 2009 'New Discoveries at Qubbat al-Hawa '

Eastern Christian Art  Vol 5 pp 19-36


Dekker, Renate 2010 CRE XI –January 2010  Leiden  presented the Qubbat al-Hawa project on behalf of Howard Middleton-Jones


Middleton-Jones 2010 St. Marks Symposium Coptic Studies Aswan 'The Qubbat al-Hawa Project'


Kamill, Jill 2010  'Revisiting the Southern Frontier' The St. Marks Coptic Symposium  Aswan Al-Ahram weekly

Read full article here:


Original material and references:


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