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Welcome to the Gower Open Water swimming Training sessions

Link here for the 2022 season general swim session schedules

Link here for the Open water swimming safety weekend sessions in July

Having tried out a pair of Magic5 custom fitted swim goggles over the summer, I would recommend them to both pool and Open water Swimmers - the Geometric shape enables the swimmer to sight more in open water, and the custom fit via an app face scanner, enables a good fit with no leaks - hopefully by Autumn we will have arranged a partnership with Magic5 to offer a good discount for the purchase of Magic5 goggles

Magic5 Goggles

Update 3 April 2021

GOWST and our base at Langland Bay is now registered with NOWCA (National Open Water Coaching Association) as an official swim venue.
If you join NOWCA - 15 per year, you are entitled to insurance which covers you while travelling to and attending our swim sessions - please link on the NOWCA site below


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For Global and local weather forecasts, storm and hurricane updates and tracking of all storms and surf reports go to my Preparedness website here

Langland Bay


The first open water swim training camp in Wales, was set up in 1990 by myself (in conjunction with Triathletes Swansea and the University Triathlon club) with Steve Trew (BTA) as guest coach. The open water training sessions were held at Three Cliffs Bay, while lectures and practical swim coaching were held at the Swansea University Sports Centre.

Subsequent training sessions were held at Langland Bay and Pobbles Bay on Gower, until 1994.

Triathletes of all abilities are welcome: from beginners to advanced

Please keep checking in here and on our Facebook page:

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Details on Marseillan Plage open water swim coaching 2016

Please check regularly for updates.

Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!

Howard Middleton-Jones