Long-term survival

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This area will be regularly updated with a list of articles and links on related Long-term survival issues - please keep tuned in for updates.

Coming soon, articles on the following;
  • Useful and essential survival tools for backwoodss living
  • Keeping and managing Poultry
  • Water storage
  • First aid
  • Maintaining your cabin

More articles soon!

Are You prepared for a 'Jericho-type' event?
The Ability in Preparedness for a man-made or natural disaster; And the resulting post effects
A practical handbook in surviving the unthinkable


Are you Prepared for a 'Jericho' type- event? -an ongoing research publication by Howard Middleton-Jones

From March/April 2007 issue of Backwoods magazine - Help your home survive in the path of a wildfire By Brent Stainer

What if the electricity goes off? By Michael Hackleman - A Backwoods home magazine article

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