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Cabin maintenance

A section where you may find links, ideas and tips on how to maintain your timber/log cabin, to maximise its use and longevity


I know from nearly 20 years experience of living in and maintening a timber dwelling the pitfalls, highlights and issues of maintening such a building. Overall, even though often hard work,  the experience was of great joy and certainly kept you fit!
Unlike stone/brick/block dwellings, with timber you may reconstruct a whole wall without fear of the rest of the building or footings commg toppling down, with sensible precautions of course!
This section will include articles, links and tips on how to safely maintain your cabin, including methods of alternate heating and lighting etc.
If you have your own experience of maintaining your cabin, please feel free to contact me and we can add your own ideas and tips to the 'cabin owners' section

Email me - Howard M-Jones

Please check in often as articles and links will be updated on a regular basis

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Cabin maintenance


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