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Seed storage

Useful ideas and articles for the selection and storage of seeds for future planting

In today's troubled times of bizarre weather patterns,  natural and man-made disasters, there is much talk of lack of sustainable land and feedstuffs. Even the bee population is in rapid decline, and if they were to disappear completely this would be a major catastrophy as bees pollinate almost 50% of the entire plant population.
To top it all, food supplies and groceries are increasing in price on a regular basis, and in the US we hear that for example, Jim Randas, a former US intelligence officer giving the advice on ABC news to start stockpile food etc.
In addition, grain stocks are falling rapidly and what stocks are available are being stored, thus to you and me that means eventually staple foodstuffs will become a scarcity.
It is a good idea therefore, to think about collecting, storing and making your own seed bank. Our longer-term survival section here of our SOS site will look at ideas and articles in order to help people maintain a good stock of seeds and to store efficiently for maximum use for when the time comes.

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