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Supply Storage caches

There are a number of reasons why the complex food distribution and energy infrastructure of a country could fail. It could be as a result of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or something man made like a terrorist attack.


Whatever the causes of a social breakdown, the resulting failure of the food supply will most likely result in panic buying, looting, and other forms of social disorder.


In an ideal world we would have a well stocked survival retreat, with an alternative energy supply, food stores, and the means to defend ourselves.


However, not everyone can afford such a retreat, and even those who have one may find themselves unable to return to it in time. Alternatively they may have their supplies requisitioned by government forces, or their retreat may be overwhelmed by looters.


Supply Caches provide a basic life support system for those who are forced to retreat to areas of wilderness, or they can be strategically located en route to your main retreat location. A supply Cache should be well hidden or preferably buried at a remote location.

The following Food Cache is intended to supply at least 2 weeks worth of food for one person or 1 week’s food for 2 people. I will be covering other types of survival cache and their contents over the next few months.


The 2 week Food Cache is contained inside a 50 litre waterproof plastic barrel which was formerly used to carry Mango Chutney. The container must be well washed and aired to reduce the possibility of food being tainted by its former contents



I will list the items I have included in my caches although you may wish to adapt the contents to your own preferences. The main concern is that the cache contains as much food value as possible (2000 Calories + per day), as well as offering a balance of all the major food groups. I’ve opted to make up the majority of the supplies from canned goods for maximum shelf life. I would expect this cache to be edible for a minimum of 5 years.

 I have also included cooking equipment and items such as toothpaste and toothbrushes to maintain personal hygiene and hopefully prevent dental problems in the future.


The following is a list of items I’ve included in some of my caches, but you may wish to add or remove items depending upon your own preferences.


Military style Trangia (Methylated Spirit) Stove with 1 litre of fuel. The pot from this stove can also be suspended over a fire.

2x Enamel Mugs

2x Enamel Bowls

2x spoons, 2 forks, 2 eating knives

1x Sharp utility knife (Mora Clipper)

2x Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, lip salve

1x Bar of Sunlight all purpose soap

1x scouring pad

1x utility cloth

30x multivitamin tablets



4x cans Chicken Curry

4x cans Beef Curry

4x cans Chicken Supreme

2x Kg Long Grain Rice

1x Kg dried beans

500g dried peas

2x cans stewed steak in gravy

2x cans corned beef

2x cans Bacon grill

2x cans all day Breakfast

12x cans mackerel fillets

3x cans tuna in sunflower oil

2x cans tinned pineapple

2x cans prunes

3x cans rice pudding

500g dried potato powder

500g dried full fat milk

400g Horlicks malt powder

6x cans condensed milk

16x instant oat breakfast cereal

4x bars 250g milk chocolate

4x bars 250g fruit and nut milk chocolate

1x tin hard boiled fruit sweets

250g Honey

1 litre extra virgin olive oil

100 tea bags

30g black pepper in grinder

100g Salt

8x packs of 2 ply tissue (Toilet Paper)

2x plastic trash bags

Basic First aid kit –

Waterproof plasters – bandage – steri strips – alcohol wash – antiseptic spray/cream – analgesics – medi wipes – safety pins – microporous tape




Author - anon - one of our regular members - with thanks

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