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Progress reports on Coptic sites Database

First phase: the collation of Monastic sites in Egypt, starting with the Fayoum  and Assiut areas.

Collection of data to include:


  • Photographs
  • Satellite images
  • Floor plans
  • Wall paintings
  • Icons
  • Texts and references
  • Historical sources
  • Archaeology
  • Film and audio
  • Interviews



Second phase: Collation of Coptic churches for database inclusion.





Collate information from contacts and sources to include:


  • On site information (interviews, films photographs)
  • Contacting Monastic sites requesting permission for material
  • Collation of material from Coptic authors, such as Gabrat and Grossman etc
  • Internet resources and references
  • Coptic museum in Cairo for any reference material
  • Contact Coptic office in Cairo



Progress will be uploaded on the website at regular intervals, In addition, a paper will be given early 2008 at the 4th International Symposium of the

St. Mark Foundation for Coptic History Studies, to be held at Naqada Egypt.

The progress and development methodology of the Coptic sites database will be presented at this conference.


Progress 2006/07

CMMDB designed and caption sheet completed
Visit to Muenster Institute for Egyptology and Coptology to gather information, and to interview Dr Gawdat Gabra
Interview with Coptologist Dr Gawdat Gabra streamed on site
Collating data for input into database of St Gabriels, Fayoum, and comparison of cave hermitage of Wadi el-rayan

February -Naqqada conference - additional information collated and methods of storage and retrieval discussed
March - Bibliographical references collated and checked ready for input