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Ongoing list of Monasteries and churches in Egypt - link on each monastery for additional information.
The exact number is unknown, but including the remains of early sites, the number is thought to be between 50 and 60.

The Fayoum Oasis


Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel at Naqlun

Monastery of the Holy Virgin near Luhan

Monastery of Saint Samuel

Monastery of St. Anba Abraam (Arabic - English to follow)

Background of Abraam of Fayoum


Map of Cairo

Coptic churches of Cairo

The Monastery of St. Simon (Simeon) the Tanner

Saint Menas (Mar Mina)

The Church of the Virgin Mary


The Monastery of Apollo at Bawit (deserted)

Monastery of St. Mary (Deir Dronka)

The Monastery of the Holy Virgin Mary (Muharraq Monastery)


The Monastery at Qubbat Al-Hawa

St. Simeon Monastery - Monastery of Anba Hatre (Uninhabited)

El Minya

Dair al-Adhra, The Church of the Holy Virgin

The Monastery of Apa Bane Deir Abu Fana, or the Monastery of the Cross

Christian Oxyrhynchus (modern al-Bahnasa)


The Monastery of Jeremiah (Uninhabited)

The Sinai

St Catherine's Monastery

The Red Sea area

St. Antony's Monastery (Deir Mar Antonios

The Monastery of St. Paul - Eastern Desert


The White Monastery - St. Shenouda the Archimandrite

The Red Monastery - Deir al-Ahmar, Deir Anba Bishoi or Bishai

Wadi Al Natrum

The Monastery of al-Baramus (Deir al-Baramus, Monastery of the Romans)

Deir Al Anba Bishoy (Monastery of St. Bishoy or Bishoi or Pishoi)

The Monastery of the Syrians (Deir al-Surian)

The Monastery of St. Macarius (Deir Abu Magar)

Tour Egypt have an interesting site here on Ancient Christian Churches of Egypt