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Welcome to the online Coptic Studies programme. We hope you will enjoy the courses and find them of great interest.

The majority of the courses have been classroom taught both as modules of a part-time Humanities BA degree and non-accredited Coptic Studies programme at a university department for Adult Continuing Education.


The major subject areas and themes that will be covered in the courses all relate to the culture, history and heritage of Coptic Egypt, including the following:



Art and Architecture

Icon writing and Iconography



Individual lives of Coptic Saints

Heritage – conservation.

Reconstruction – preserving the past for the future


Please refer to the current and proposed course list for further information

List of courses and start dates

Course tutor Howard Middleton-Jones Bio

All courses run for 6 weeks and course information is distributed on a weekly basis. The course documents will remain available for 14 days after completion of the course


Advantages of online delivery method;


  • Course documents and information available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • The student may access the course documents anywhere in the world at any time; this is most useful if you are on holiday or working away from home
  • Flexibility - Extremely useful for those unable to leave their home for any reason or are looking after families
  • Education comes to the home - Ability to work alone or with others at times to suit.
  • Individual attention: the course tutor is available via email at any time and for regular live chat sessions
  • Opportunity to meet other interesting and like-minded people
  • Promotion of life-long learning: skills acquired on the courses to enhance your experience of global Internet use.
  • Improve your self discipline: taking online courses improves your organisational skills and increases personal motivation.
  • Connects you with the ‘Global Village’ – a unique experience to increase your personal experience of the variety of opportunities – such as virtual visits of sites, museums and access to thousands of books and journals
  • Enjoyment while receiving and sharing knowledge!
  • No travel expenses in getting to a venue, stay in the comfort of your own home

Course fees:
The cost of each 6 week module is 45  in total, payable via paypal.
What do I get for my fees?
1. Access 24 hours a day 7 days a week to a variety of course material: pdf  slide shows, word files and unique photographs
2. Weekly updated course documents, news and support
Regular contact with the course tutor via email and weekly live chat discussions
3. Opportunity to meet up with like-minded people
4. Access to the 'Global village; visit virtual sites and current excavation and conservation programmes
5. Study when and where you like, even on holiday!
6. Regular support from dedicated staff
7. Opportunity to enhance your knowledge and increase your network of contacts in the Coptic world
8. Full course documents
9. Certificate of course completion

Course registration form (this is the old form cost £45 and 6 weeks not 10 weeks)

For further information please contact the course tutor Howard Middleton-Jones

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