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Aswan Coptic Cathedral

Coptic Egypt

Anba Hadra St Simeons Monastery Aswan - Photo set

Anba Hadra St Simeons Monastery special open air Coptic mass 2010

Qubbat el-Hawa Coptic site remains within and around the tombs of the nobles Aswan West Bank

St. Athanasius Coptic Theological college Melbourne Australia

Monastery of St Gabriels, Naqlun Fayum

St Matthew the Potter Monastery Esna

St. Michaels' monastery Naqada Egypt - Photo set

Wadi el-Rayan Coptic cave hermitage site

The photographs below were taken in locations south of Cairo and the Western desert Egypt

Egyptian archaeological sites Photo surveys


Abusir 2005


Abu simbel 2010


West Bank necropolis aerial survey 2010


Edfu temple 1999 and 2010


Hatshepsut mortuary temple Deir el Bahri  1996 – 2010


Luxor and Karnak temples 1999


Philae Temple 2010


Dendera temple 1999 – 2010


The Giza Plateau – Pyramid of Khufu 2005


Kom Ombo 2010


West Bank Necropolis Luxor




Coptic sites


Aswan Coptic Cathedral Archangel Michael



St Mathew the Potter monastery Esna 2008


Qubbet el Hawa Aswan 2010



St Michael’s Monastery Naqada 2008


St Simians (Anba Hadra) Aswan 2008


St Simians Anba Hadra Mass 2010


Deir el Surian (St Syrians’) Monastery Wadi el Natrun



Wadi el-Rayan desert Coptic cave hermitage East of Fayum 2005

St Gabriels’ Monastery Naqlun, Fayum 2005




Cairo – general 2005-2010


Mohamed Ali Palace 2008



Egypt – life on the river Nile 2010


Egypt and the Nile


Egypt – A day in the life







Click on each picture to view in larger format


Remains of 4th century monastery


          Author in desert oasis garden tended by Coptic monks


Rock formations in the Wadi rayan


Sand dunes forming


Meidum Pyramid (sneferu) south of Saqqara


Author in deep shaft below Meidum mastaba

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