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Course list and start dates:

All courses are based on a weekly session for 6 weeks and total cost is 45 per course

Introduction to the Early Coptic Period in Egypt: The Early Christian era in Egypt 1st century AD to 7th Century AD


Course commences TBA >


This is a ‘taster’ course which covers a broad aspect of the Coptic culture and the Coptic Church and is extremely useful for those wishing to know more about the Coptic Egyptians, and to gain a broad base of knowledge towards further more detailed courses. It is also very useful for Coptic people themselves to learn more about their past heritage


Course syllabus:


1. The Holy Family in Egypt and the Early history of the Coptic Period

2. The beginnings of Monasticism – the ascetic life St. Anthony and St Paul

3  Coptic literature, texts and language.

4  Early Monasticism

5. The early Coptic church - art and archaeology

6. The Coptic Church - reforms and issues 3rd - 5th century CE

7. Coptic texts, language and cultural issues

8. Archaeology, Art and Architecture

9. Coptic Art - Icon painting

10 The effects of the Arabic invasion of Egypt 7th Century CE



Monasticism – Start date: TBA


This course will take a more in depth view of Monasticism, the life of an ascetic and in a communal setting and the role the monasteries played in education, art and writing


Course Syllabus:


Week1:  Introduction – Geography of Egypt – reading material

Week 2: The beginnings of Monasticism – the ascetic life – St Anthony and St Paul

Week 3: The kell – Hermit cells – Development of the Art and Architecture

Week 4: Wadi Natrun – the beginnings of monasticism

Week 5: The Coptic Church, language and texts.

Week 6: St. Shenute and the white monastery

Week 7: Monastic writings

Week 8: Icon writing and iconography

Week 9: The Arabic invasion 7th C.

Week 10: Conservation programmes in Coptic monasteries



The Art and Architecture of the Coptic Period in Egypt.

Start date: TBA


This is a general course to introduce students to the importance of the role of art and iconography played in the Coptic Church and culture, and the influence of Pharaonic temple design on the development of monastic and ecclesiastical building construction.


Course   syllabus:

n      Introduction to the Coptic Period/chronology

n      Early Monastic architecture/archaeology

n      The origins of Monastic art – site example Kellia

n      Architecture of the Coptic Church and development

n      The development of wall paintings – from selected important sites

n      The Dakhla oasis

n      Icon writing/painting and iconography

n      Restoration techniques

n      Current restoration programmes – St Paul’s Monastery

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