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Howard Middleton-Jones 


Howard is a retired archaeologist specialising in Egyptian Coptic heritage. Educated at Swansea University, Wales, (Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology) and Oxford University England, (archaeology).

Howard is the founder (2009) and director of the UK Coptic Research and Resource Centre, he was a corporate member of the Institute of Archaeologists and member of the International Association for Coptic Studies (AICS)

In 1999 Howard set up the archaeology Higher Education Certificate programme at the Department of Adult Continuing Education, Swansea University, Wales, and in 2008 set up the Coptic Studies programme for the part time degree scheme at the same institute.


In 2004, Howard was instrumental in setting up modules for the first online ‘e-learning’ off campus courses via the Adult Continuing Education department at Swansea University. He continues to maintain and promote the Coptic Studies programme.


With over 20 years experience of visiting Egypt, Howard has built up a useful and reliable network of contacts, not only within the field of Egyptology, but in recent years excellent contacts within the field of Coptology, including many Coptic Church senior members. He also attends regular Coptic conferences and symposiums presenting various Coptic related research papers.

Howard is also a regular contributor to the series volumes of  'Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt' AUC press - see below for current 2013 Aswan volume


Howard began taking parties of students and escorting individual travellers in Egypt in 1997 and continues to travel to Egypt on a regular basis


The current research project underway is that of the ruins of the Coptic Church at Qubbat el-Hawa, Aswan – The Digital reconstruction of Qubbat el-Hawa’ – please follow the link below to the Qubbat el-Hawa website.


Howard is also an experienced and qualified MLTB (Summer) mountain leader, and in the 1980's set up the Three Cliffs Activities walking tours on Gower. The tours were based on his popular book 'Journey Through Gower' (1982 and 1993) visiting sites of historical and archaeological interest

Howard’s main interest is in the conservation and preservation of Coptic heritage and the ancient sites of south-west France
Howard has also spent over 30 years of regular travelling to France, and since 2014 has been living six months of the year in the Languedoc'Roussillon and Midi Pyrenees region

Howard is also a qualified Mountain leader, summer, (MLTB Plas-y-Brenin 1977) and is a keen fell runner and was the first full time National Trust Warden on the Gower Peninsula (1972)

He currently lives in the seaside village of Mumbles near Swansea, and has two grown up daughters.


Contact Howard Middleton-Jones

Qubbat el-Hawa project website


The latest volume in the Christianity and Monasticism in Aswan and Nubia series - click on the book cover for details



Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt - Nag Hammadi - presentations from the St Marks Coptic Symposium 2008


Coptic Culture: Past Present and Future: Publication of papers presented at the first UK Coptic Conference held in 2008 at the Coptic Orthodox Centre Stevenage, England.


Publications, books and Journals

'Journey Through Gower 1982 and 1993. The history, archaeology, flora and fauna of the Gower Peninsula, the first area in Great Britain to be designated An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
From Flint to Fortress. 1995 Video on the history and archaeology of the Gower Peninsula

The Akhmim (Egypt) and Gower Database; Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology: Proceedings of the 26th Conference, Barcelona, March 1998

Giza Genesis, the Best Kept Secrets Two volumes 2001/02 – The connection of the book of Genesis and the layout of the Giza Pyramid Necropolis Egypt

The Coptic Multi-Media Database Project. In Coptic Culture, Past Present and Future. Ed. Mariam Ayad, Oxbow Books 2012

Howard is also a contributor to the volumes of Christianity and Monasticism in Egypt – Published every two years by the American University Press in Cairo (AUC) Editors Gawdat Gabra and Hany N Takla
The Coptic Monasteries Multi-Database Project. Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt, Vol. 2, Nag Hammadi and Esna. AUC Press 2010
Towards the documentation of the Monastery of the Holy Virgin at Al-Muharraq, Asyut
Christianity and Monasticism in Middle Egypt, Al Minya and Asyut. AUC Press 2015
The Digital 3D Virtual Reconstruction of the Monastic Church at Qubbat el-Hawa Aswan
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt, Aswan and Nubia, AUC Press 2016

Photographic contributions to Christian Aswan in the Modern era and the History of the Cathedral, Metropolitan Bishop Hedra
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt, Aswan and Nubia. AUC Press 2016

Contributions to ‘Egyptological.
An Introduction to the Coptic Period in Egypt. The Early Christian Era, 1st Century AD - 7th Century AD. Edition 3 2011
Early Coptic Church and Monastic Architecture. The Link with the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman Past. Edition 4 2012
Coptic Heritage in Egypt. Qubbat el-Hawa. Edition 7 2012


Life on the Nile – Illustrated book on the activities and lives of people living on and around the banks of the river Nile

The Rough Guide to Coptic Egypt

Re publication of Journey Through Gower

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