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St Mark Foundation Internation Coptic studies Conference
Naqqada Egypt 2008

Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Nag Hammadi-Esna.
Programme of Events
The conference was held at the Monastery of Archangel Michael, Naqqada hosted by Bishop Bieman.
The conference was well organised and the hosts spent much hard work and effort prior to and during the event to ensure the event ran smoothly.


Archangel Michael Monastery Naqqada (Google Earth image)

Region of Nag Hammadi

Chairperson Bishop Martyrus

2-3:00             Stephen Emmel *The Gnostic Library of Nag Hammadi and the Faw Qibli Excavations*

3-3:30             James Goehring *Abraham of Farshout*

3:30-4:00            Fr. Wadi‘Abullif *The Arabic Life of St. Pachomius*

4-4:30:00            Discussion




Chairperson Stephen Emmel

5-5:30             Caecilia Fluck *The Portrait of Apa Abraham of Hiermonthis*

5:30-6:00       Gisela Helmecke * Some remarks about the textile workshops of Upper Egypt (8th to 11thcentury)*.

 6-6:30            Howard Middleton-Jones *The Project Coptic Monasteries Multi-Media Database*

6:30-7:00             Fr. Bigoul Al Souryani *The Arabic version of the life of St. Mekrofius*


Friday, 8 February, 2008



Naqqada, Dendera, Qus, Coptos, and Berenike

Chairperson James Goehring

8:30-9:00            Adel Fakhry *The Monasteries of the Region of Naqqada*:

9-9:30             Samuel Moawad *Christianity at Dendara and Medamoud*

9:30-10:00     Marianne Eaton-Krauss *Some Coptic Reliefs purportedly from Coptos.*

10-10:30            Youhanna Nessim Youssef *Athanasius of Qus*

10:30-11:00            Gawdat Gabra * Once More: Nabis, Bishop of ‘Aidhab/Berenike*

(by Gertrude van Loon)




Chairperson Heike Behlmer

11:30-12:30            Jacques van der Vliet *The Epigraphic Sources*

12:30-1:00            Sebastian Richter *Legal Texts from the Region*         



2:30-4:30             Visit to Naqqada Monasteries


4:30-5:00            Coffee break



Chairperson Youhanna Nessim Youssef

5-5:30             Fr. Angelos El Naqloony*Indexing the Manuscript of the Churches of Naqqada and Qus*

5:30-6:00       Renate Dekker *The Encomion on St Pesunthios of Coptos with Special Reference to the Recently Discovered Sahidic Version in Sheikh Abd al-Qurna*

6:30-7:00            Discussion


7:00                Dinner


Saturday, 9 February, 2008



Western Thebes

Chairperson Jacques van der Vliet

8:30-9:30             Elizabeth O'Connell * Excavating Christian Western Thebes*

9:30-10:00     Heike Behlmer * Coptic textual finds from Macquarie University's excavation in Dra Abu el-Naga (TT 233)*



Marianne Eaton-Krauss

11-11:30             H. G. Bishop Martyros *The Martyrs of Esna*

11:30-12:00             Gertrude van Loon *The monasteries of al-Shuhada and al-Fakhouri*

12-12:30        Ashraf Nageh * How to Save the Wall Paintings of the Monasteries of al-Shuhada and al-Fakhouri?

12-30:1:00             Ashraf Sadek *Tell el-Qobeba, an Unknown  Monastic Site?*

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