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The list below, with interactive links, gives you access to all the ambilac articles published on the internet. Also included are a few of the earlier articles that for some reason disappeared off the internet. In this case they have been re-loaded from the original disc.
The list starts from the latest articles published.
A number of these articles have been lodged in a server file as many were from the old main site which was deleted some years ago..if you are unable to open any selected files, please email me and I will foward a reference link.

Howard M-Jones

Hall of Records and Giza Plateau - Two parts

The Osiris Programme - Something Wonderful begins 2003

Opening The Arena - August 2001

The upcoming energy (magnetic) shift - April 2001

Lift Up Your Heart (The soul and Free will choice)- April 2001

Turn Up the Tunes (Multi Dimensions as calculated from the Pyramid complex as a whole)- February 2001

Believe The Unbelievable (The available scientific evidence, and our presentation of that evidence ) December 2000

A Wake Up Call (An updates of recent events and Wormwood)- October 2000

A Given Sign - An interpretation of a cosmic event. July 2000

The Events of September 13th 2000 - The Sydney Olympic Games. - August 2000

Part XIV - The Greatest Opportunity. The connection with current Planetary events and Biblical prophesy. - August 2000

Part XIII - Situation Report. (Earthquake events -the reasons and effects) July 2000

Part XII (Universal Consciousness and Free Will)- June 2000

The Birthing Event and Pole shift. - June 2000(Written 5 years ago, check it out with current 2005 events)

Part XI The Exit Begins. Good versus Evil and the Ascension. - June 2000

On the Eighth Day. The Crystal and the Global grid activation. - May 2000

Interdimensional Physics - Giza decoded and 2012 -

The Book of Exodus, the Ark and the Great Pyramid - 1998/99

Door No 2 Edgars' Revenge. (The location on the Giza Plateau of the tombs of OSIRIS, ENIL and JOSEPH) 1998/99

The Giza - Genesis Connection Part VII B - 1999

The Giza - Genesis Connection Part VII - 1999

And for those missing 1998-1999 articles - go here!

Keep looking..!!