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Approximately two years ago, four of our most interesting and important articles went "astray" - they simply vanished from the server where they were loaded. I managed to locate the original discs and placed them back up on this site, however some of the links and pictures may be unavailable.

The Below is a summary of those articles. To read each full article select the Missing articles icon on the navigation bar.

Our new planet, Comet Lee and 2012



In July 1999 we made a 12 point statement here are a few of those points;


The Giza Plateau is a cosmic blueprint, a roadmap or marker, left behind circa
12000 BP as to the lineage and root origins of our civilisation.

7. Why it is essential for the tomb (under the plateau) to be opened by the 21st September of this year (1999) prior to the full effects of Comet Lee.

8. What lies under the Plateau; for what purpose is the equipment being used and why it may no longer function after the 21st September 1999.

11. Are we going to have a new neighbour, the sun giving birth?, on the 21st December

12. A satellite pyramid of the pyramid of Khufu will be the centre point for the complete Giza alignment on 21st December 2012, at 22.18 hours (local Cairo time), where the earth. Sun, Mercury and Venus will be completely aligned.


The date of September 21st 1999, was not one pulled out of a hat at random, when we first brought that date to the fore front (over a year ago), we were well aware that on that date an irreversible, non preventable series of events would begin to unfold. And for anyone who may just waking up, these began on Sept.22, 1999. Anomalous solar activity;


On April 15th or 16th Comet (C/I 999 HI LEE) was detected approaching our solar system. What made this Comet different from most was its declination as it approached our solar system, and eventually was to later pass through at. Not a whole lot was said about this Comet


Comet Lee was highly instrumental in triggering the Suns birth of our newest planet.


The Genesis connection:

This new planet will continue on its present orbital path, while simultaneously continuing to solidify, until - yes you have it! 21st December 2012. At which time it will shift into the same orbital path along with the other existing inner planets. In the book of Genesis this is described in the story of Cain and Abel, where it was described as the birth of Cain.


The angle of as well as the maximum arc spread of these (3) incoming waves is very precise. The fixed angle is precisely (30) thirty degrees, (30 degrees latitude is the prime latitude for entry for space vehicles from space) the operational angle is set to a maximum of (50) fifty degrees of arc (Remember the measurements of Noahs Ark -.width of 50 height of 30).


When those stars move (at the time of alignment) on 21st December 2012, they will push (or pull) that new orbiting body away from the Sun and place it into its new orbit, which is on our orbital plane. Could the above be interpreted as the same event that Nostradamus referred to as the FIRST WAVE??






Is there a war going on in the outer reaches of our Solar system? Can we protect planet earth, which is about to enter the next ascension? And can we avoid being drawn into it-we may, if we can acquire the attention of certain agencies as to the correct method of protection as laid down under this planet aeons ago. What are those enormous anomalous objects observed orbiting our sun, and what is their intention?


On August 111999, we witnessed the last solar eclipse of this century, and in certain countries a number of anomalous objects were observed It was thought at the time that Comet Lee had fragmented while on its trip around the sun, however, the important fact is that with the appearance of Comet Lee, Electro magnetic activity increased, as did the solar flare activity


Reference the Millennium group


Since that date we have been experiencing many anomalous atmospheric events, severe weather, many EARTHQUAKES on or near ancient sacred sites, FIREBALLS and unexplained lights in the skies. Not to mention the increased sightings of Unidentified flying objects.


In addition to these events, and often in tandem with high HAARP activity, and anomalous RADAR RINGS have been observed, mainly encircling military installations in North America.




In the latter part of 1998, the Internet began circulating with photographs of unusual objects observed around our sun, captured by the SOHOand LASCO satellites.

More recently, on September 22nd, 1999, an extremely unusual anomaly emerging from the sun was observed on one of the LASCO satellites, which soon after 'went down' and remained down for some time. This pulse beam effect was affectionately termed as some form of STARGATE.


These carriers will initiate an artificial disturbance within the sun, causing the sun to eject two massive CME's .(Coronal mass elections) The trajectory of these CME's will be directed at earth, at which time all satellites will be placed out of commission, as will the entire power grids. It is at this point, we too will enter into the war with the Draconians.


We, on earth, are a combination of races from several worlds, where the soul (see article on soul machine under Giza) migrates from one place to another within a given time frame. Our strongest representation on this planet is the Pleiadians, or Plejarians.






Thus, this time change event is the reason for the acceleration of the war which IS happening NOW just beyond our solar system, beyond JUPITER and which is beginning to escalate, consequently drawing planet earth into it!


There is a possibility of a natural defence, via the GLOBAL GRID OF CRYSTALS situated on ancient sites around our planet, of which we will describe in more detail below.


It is imperative that this CRYSTAL SHOULD BE ALIGNED in order to afford earth the protection she needs for imminent incoming.




Who are they - and where do they orginate



There is one common denominator between them and us, and that is the interest in an old enemy.... THE ANUNNAKI

The Erideans themselves are a completely telepathic race and seem to originate from the constellation of Eridanus

The constellation is situated approximately 10.7 to 12+ light years to the NEAR groups, which include Eridanus Delta and Epsilon.


Thus the Anunnaki could be said to be pattern-makers, the creators of archetypes and of the template for human life on Earth. One of the Anunnaki leaders was EnIiI (also known as Jehovah). Enkiand EnI1I were half brothers through the same father, Anu, who was the king of this Anunnaki group


Mars also had a civilisation that was developed by the Anunnaki. Eventually and possibly after the Exodus, other Anunnaki left the earth, and their secrets of transforming gold into the powerful substance that allowed their longevity also vanished.




Approximately 500,000 years ago, TERRA (planet earth) experienced a severe orbital problem (tile to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite. This resulted in a rapidly decaying orbit, where failure to control this event would have created a ripple effect on neighbouring stars in addition to other neighbouring orbiting celestial bodies.

At this time the Anunnaki inhabited planet earth, and naturally more than welcomed an offer of aid. Therefore, concessions were agreed upon between the Anunnaki and the Federation, at which time the coordinated effort of planet stabilisation began

The procedure involved the siting and setting of a number of crystals located below strategically aligned sites throughout the globe the main focal crystal being at the Giza Plateau, the site of the Pyramid complex. Thus crystals were placed at the many of what we today call ~ancient sacred sites,



This alternative solution was agreed between the Federation members, an Experiment which is still presently floating in the wind.

Because of the diversity and number of Federation members already inhabiting planet Terra, earth, it was decided that an experiment would be instigated. The ultimate aim of this experiment was to see if the various races, with varying belief structures, could not only mutually co-exist on a planet, but in addition, the scenario offered an opportunity to safely monitor the evolution of such an attempt.

Now the whole earth had one language and few words
Genesis 11.1


The three representatives, or council members, were not a permanent part of this original plan, a fact that only came about at a later date.

Each soul is viewed and recorded by the entity each and every time physical death occurs. Upon death, the slate is cleared so to speak, amid the soul sent back out in order to learn from past life experiences and difficulties, thus to attain fulfillment. Some may recall these experiences and the ultimate teaching that transpires.

Thoth has also been given the authority to keep alive and further develop the levels of understanding as they relate to the realm of the sciences.


This blessing is carried in the centre of the femur, and in addition was left to the one whom had in his possession this DNA, the sole right to access the CRYSTAL.




It is apparent that this group slid in under cover of the extended Cairo smog incident of around the 26th October 1999. Although the news archives have now been deleted on the web regarding this incident, we submit the quotes below regarding this incident.

While Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak commented;

There may he something in the atmosphere or weather conditions may be sometimes very tough there.

Exercise BRIGHT STAR carried out in Egypt from October 12th. Through to November 3rd.




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