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SO-OH Strange; addendum 2020- Ten Years on.

In the early days of the Internet, mid 1990s through to early 2000's many innovative, driven and keen genuine researchers were to be found on the Internet, sharing and discussing a plethora of subjects. From Science and astronomy, to politics and history, all were discussed in a mainly civilised enthusiastic manner in the name of genuine interest, and to garner one's self knowledge.
A number of discussion groups and forums began to spread on the web, where one could find serious discussions of many subjects which you could tag along and offer your own opinions. These were the days when trolls (social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users) were rare, and if any trolling did appear, the person was soon booted out of the room.

Subjects were philosophically discussed, shared and researched to get to the truth of the substance, foul or obscene language was rare, some did get hot under the collar but always in context with the on-going debate. Yes, conspiracy theories were in abundance on many groups, especially in the late 1990s and early 2000 especially on the subject of the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, 2000, and the moon landing.
I would say, heated, healthy, arguments and hard banter was more the case, rather than trolls and obscene language that is now found on today's social media sites, such as Facebook.
In part, because of this, it is said that people who constantly use social media, frequently have increased levels of negative emotions such as envy and isolation. This is mainly due to the tendency of other posters to distort reality through selective posting, resulting in some to feel that everyone else has a better life than the reader.

In 2010, I wrote an article on this ambilacuk website entitled SO-OH STRANGE, a sort of pun on the NASA solar satellite cameras SOHO where, throughout many forums at the time (1998-2005) aspects of unusual astronomical phenomena were being enthusiastically discussed. The main premise of my writing the article, was in memory to many of the early
pioneering stalwart and innovative researchers, investigating the Solar and related astronomical subjects, of which only a few survive today.

Today, social media and the internet is a cosmic minefield, a virtual reality nightmare, where one can flounder in minutes and the truth one seeks, gets sucked into the quagmire of the primeval bog. To unearth a flicker of truth, or to understand the point of origin is no mean task, as one battles through the minefield never knowing when the next explosion will occur, and will you survive it?
Small wonder today that many people venturing into the social media world, have personal issues and frustrations in attempting to follow, understand and digest the plethora of dross disseminated page after page.

Let us take a step back in time, relax the furrowed brow, take five and get into the mindset of the early investigators and researchers, many of who put their life o the line to bring the truth to the table, no matter what that truth was.

In memory of all those pioneering  stalwart Solar researchers - please read! Thank you
At the end of the introductory article you may access the pdf chapters of the CD

For details on how to get the full CD with many 100's of images see here


Update - Earl Crockett passes on February 2010 - see note at bottom of article


Where have all the good people gone?


Oh the Milky Way has gone a little sour
The leaves dried and the
flower fell away
I've been sitting, I've been waiting for a sign
Inhuman beings taking up all of my time


Where have all the good people gone?
Time's up and we're running long
Where have all the good people gone?



Where have all the good People gone? A Sam Roberts song


This article is dedicated to the memory of all those intrepid and dedicated Solar system and Solar anomaly researchers from the ‘hey days’ of the late 1990’s to mid 2000’s. Being involved in that area of research at that time also, I look back with pride and privilege that I had the good fortune to work and be in contact with these unique people.

In 2003 I produced a CD on the solar anomalies captured on the SOHO satellites, I called it ‘SO-OH’ Strange’ which included many images sent to me by the only researchers working in the field at the time. To them I dedicate this CD which I am re-releasing and write this introductory article in order that the ‘new’ and upcoming researchers in this field may get to know their research and to demonstrate these intrepid pioneers are not forgotten.


I refer of course to the following people:


Kent Steadman of ‘Cyberspaceorbit’ fame, I shall miss our banter Emperor Kento, Doug Pooley of ‘Flash Radar’, you are also sadly missed, and to my co-author James (Jim) Wilkie who passed away in July of this year (2009)

With special regard to the Solar anomalies we must not forget Rusty (Retha Ruherford) who worked tirelessly in this area and who I know was quite ill some time ago, and sadly passed away in 2006. To Liz Edwards, who coined the term ‘Solar Cruisers’;- to them my grateful thanks and appreciation for all their hard work.


I would also like to remember Robert Ghost wolf (who made his ‘transition in December 2005) for his early work and thanks also to Gary Goodwin of the Millennium group for continuing this line of research alongside other related subject areas, it is good to be back in touch again.

Two other names that we were also in touch with and now seemed to have disappeared into the mists of time are; Wayne Moody and Robert Trebor (who referred to NASA as the people with Never A Straight Answer)



Readers may access all of the above individuals’ research by linking on the last known websites at the bottom of this article.




We begin……


As an open-minded archaeologist (apart from many other research areas) and one who consistently ‘digs for the truth’ whatever it brings, I have always possessed an avid interest in our ancient origins. To grasp, understand and answer those age-old philosophical questions is everyone’s dream, such as; Why? Where? What? – Why are we here? – Where did we come from? – Where are we going? And, What happens after we die?


If I knew the answer to just one of those questions not only would I be the richest man on the planet, but the most contented, or may be I would not be here at all!


Being one of the early 1990’s computer enthusiasts (at a time when you could practically surf the complete Internet in one day) I began to surf around to see what exactly I could find. Bearing in mind of course at the time we had some crazy machines, like the ‘super duper’ 256 PC (requiring a ‘boot up’ three and half inch floppy disk) which basically whirred happily away as it searched the internet at break neck speed! I think the average time to access a website was about 12 seconds, and if it had graphics on the page, you could watch the incredible pictures unfold slowly down the page….yawn! The number of times I went for coffee breaks while waiting was substantial!


Anyway, the resulting searches for my interest at the time (earth’s origins, planetary anomalies and so on) was pretty low, in fact almost zero. The Internet then comprised of mainly University, educational and research establishments – even the military were ‘hiding’ under hidden addresses and covert names etc. The military of course had ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ and we were having the cast offs!


Jumping forwards to 1998, the speed by which the Internet and ‘World Wide Web’ grew was faster than the speed of light (gravitational speed if you like) and soon one was amazed in shock and awe at the incredulous number of complex websites available.

By this year, 1998, I developed my first website (now disappeared in the mists of web time) researching into archaeology, astronomy and our ancient origins with special connections to Egypt, my main archaeological research area.

Later in that year, after a number of email exchanges (yes Pegasus mail, remember that folks?) with a researcher in Winnipeg, Canada we started on what was to be a 11 year friendship writing articles, books, DVD’s and of course the Ambilac website. I am referring of course to James (Jim Wilkie) now sadly passed on to the stars in July 2009 – I hope Jim will find the answers he had been looking for over many decades.


Jim and Dr Jan Merta (mentioned in 18 whose who books and now living in the Czech Republic) ran the website from Canada, where we wrote many articles together over the next 18 months or so – culminating in the year 2000 when Jim and Jan came over to UK to speak at a major conference I organised at Swansea University – The Giza Plateau decoded – Probing the great Pyramid – You can still access the original  notice at Kent Steadman’s Orbit site (another great gentleman who we lost in 2008 of whom I will speak more of later).  scroll down page to see Presentation notice

Also – Ambilac presentations -


One of my first ‘Solar anomalies’ we captured via SOHO craft and placed up on the website, was the 1999 C2 capture entitled, ‘The Stargate’ an intriguing capture and one that generated much discussion for years to come. It was also around that time when the bizarre case of the ‘NASA man in cave’ story erupted, which you can read all about, including updates with a twist a few years later, see one of Kent’s way back machine pages here Not long after this we wrote our first major joint article (1999-2000) ‘Our new planet, Comet Lee and 2012’, now on the ‘missing files’ page at


It was also in 1999 that we started what turned out to be a long (in both time and distance) journey and friendship with Kent Steadman, a tireless and dedicated worker for the truth, and I am sure I can speak for many others when I say we certainly miss the regular exchange of research and banter.

By 2001 I developed the Ambilac UK website and in a year or so all the new articles we wrote of the Egypt related research, including the research on the layout of the Pyramid site at Giza, began to appear on the UK site.


As we progressed with our research we started to witness even more bizarre findings, both in the solar system and here on planet earth, such as the weird and wonderful HAARP array (High Frequency Acitve Auroral Research Program)


With 2000 kicking off and the big ‘hoo-ha’ of Y2K and people wondering if the whole Internet system would crash, we started communicating with Doug Pooley of FLASH Radar (great guy R.I.P) who maintained a watch on the electromagnetic radio frequency/microwave and radiation anomalies.

Simultaneously another solid solar researcher appeared in the ranks, Rusty (Retha Rutherford) who kept a sharp eye on those solar anomalies constantly updating her website with new and fascinating images of our sun and what was going on around it.

Rusty later teamed up with Jose Garrido who concentrated on analysing and enlarging those bizarre solar cruiser anomalies producing some stunning images. All of these can be seen in the CD ‘SO-OH Strange’.


By now we also had been in touch with another solar researcher, Liz Edwards of ‘Iwonder productions’ (and ‘I wonder’ where you are now Liz?) where Liz coined that well known catchphrase denoting those bizarre anomalies around the sun, ‘Solar cruisers’.

While we were working with Kent Steadman we came across Charlie Plyler at the Elfrad group, who was looking into the intriguing research of the generation and propagation of extreme Ultra low frequency signals travelling through the interior of our planet.


Unfortunately, Charlie passed on in 2005 in 'unusual circumstances' and much of his important scientific research destroyed - Charlie will be sadly missed.


The late 1990’s also saw the emergence of the Millennium Group, known as TMGnow, with the likes of Gary Goodwin and Earl Crocket also searching out our astronomical truths and ancient origins. It was not long before we also joined in with their banter and exchange of research. The Millennium Group is still going strong and I wish them ‘long and prosper’ – check out their work.


A number of related websites erupted around the period 2003 – 2008, many of them fell by the wayside, but one in particular that began in the late 1990’s and continued with daily updates until 2008 (and still available now as an archive thanks to Mike Hagan of radio orbit and Kent’s family) is Kent Steadman’s cyberspaceorbit. I do not know what we would have done without a stalwart such as Kent (known affectionately as Emperor Kento). He tirelessly updated his site with astronomical portions of research and truth seeking – we all owe him a great debt and we miss him greatly – Ad astra (to the stars).


Finally (if there is a ‘final’) before we leave the ‘Hall of Fame’ we must come right up to date and 2009, with the sad loss of my co-author and researcher in Canada, James (Jim) Wilkie. Jim brought a certain unusual flare and unique insight into our writings. We had many a long discussion on his Mathematical and genetic interpretations of the Old Testament, of which you can read in our many articles and books (Giza Genesis-The Best kept Secrets Volumes 1 and 2 – well, I am allowed to odd plug!)

Jim passed away after a long battle with that old arch enemy the big ‘C’ in June 2009, and just prior to his passing sent me his final article which I have left on our Ambilac site. Many thanks for your kindness and friendship Jim, I hope you now have found the answers you were looking for.


So, to all the people I have mentioned, and there are many more, I take my hat off to you all and offer my heart-felt thanks for sharing all the pioneering work from the very start. In many cases unfortunately as we have seen, gone, but certainly not forgotten, and so it is that I write this introduction and offer the work ‘SO-OH Strange’ as a commemoration and in memory of all your stalwart efforts.


I have left the work in its original form as I wrote it in 2003, including the images as were given to me at the time, out of respect for the work of people such as Rusty and Kent.


I hope that the more ‘mature’ researchers and readers have enjoyed my reminiscences on this short time travel journey, or as Kent would have said, the ‘way back machine’ and in the hope that the newer young blood in this area will have appreciated all the pioneering work carried out by these stalwarts.


Let us hope in these changing times, times predicted by many aeons ago, we see some light in the long, dark tunnel and step on the next rung of our ladder to development, spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. Many thanks for your time


Howard Middleton-Jones October 2009
Update May 2010

Earl Crockett 1938-2010


It has recently come to my attention, via Gary Goodwin of the Millennium Group that another Solar researcher from the ‘good ol’ days’ has passed onto the stars, Earl Crockett.


It has been an age since we last communicated, but Earl was another one of those people with a keen-insight and dogged determination – he will be sadly missed, The list of our original ‘Solar team’ is rapidly dwindling – I believe it is now down to Gary Goodwin and myself.


Gary has written up an overview of Earl here:


While a further article on the blog of Nick Herbert of quantumtantra is here


With increasing severe natural disasters and weather events enshrouding our planet and news that 2010 will herald major solar activity – the next two years will witness historical and eye opening experiences and events – B safe B wise B prepared and Survive!

Contact me

Due to the importance and interest of our Solar activity and the effects on our planet and the solar system in general, I am offering the pdf chapters of the complete SO-OH Strange' CD here for you to to read.
Solar images:
There are so many images we have compiled, literally 100's, including short animations and links to film, in order to view the complete set you will have to purchase the CD - it will be worth it!

SO-OH Strange- Author's preface and acknowledgements

S0-OH Strange Chapters 1-2

SO-OH Strange Chapters 3-4

SO-OH STRANGE Chapters 5-6

SO-OH Strange Chapters 7-9

SO-OH Strange Chapters 10-12

The Epilogue and Appendices

I was about to release the CD when we witnessed that amazing Cometary neat which grazed the sun causing spectacular results - I immediately included this event on the CD - read the chapter here

References and websites;




Kent Steadman ‘Orbit’




Also at





Rusty’s retreat – was at homestead, now unavailable


Liz Edwards


Surfing the Apocalypse


TMG now the millennium group Gary Goodwin


Green Report  also has access to Doug’s Flash archives and radar anomalies





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