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Authors' background


For my background and related experience, please link to study tours above, while for my Bio please keep reading...

Born 1946 in Swansea, the gateway to the Gower Peninsula South Wales UK, the first area in UK to be designated an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB).
Dumbarton House school and the Swansea College of Further education
1966 - Plumpton Agricultural College
1970 - Harper Adams Agricultural College
1990 - University of Wales Swansea BA (hons) Joint Ancient History and History 
1995 - Oxford University - Post grad diploma Archaeology
Published articles, papers and books.
1976-78 - A number of Wellcome Foundation research publications on the practices of veterinary research

1982 - JOURNEY THROUGH GOWER - first major publication on the history and archaeology of Gower -

1994 - THE GOWER DATABASE - a computerised investigation of the archaeology of the Gower Peninsula

1994 - The Gower Database - Overview in Archaeological Computing Newsletter, No 39 Oxford. 1995

1995 - Video production - FLINT TO FORTRESS - The Archaeology of Gower

1997 - Commenced research work for masters on the archaeology and collation of data of a site in upper Egypt, Akhmim. Publication forthcoming

1998 - Paper given in Barcelona for the Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference - The methods of the Gower database and the Akhmim data compared

1998 - to current, presented many papers in Europe and North America and talks on the origins of this planet and the mysteries surrounding the Giza Plateau pyramid complex, Egypt

1998 - in conjunction with Ambilac began writing a series of website articles on the GIZA GENESIS CONNECTION.



2003 - DVD The Hall Of Records - Disclosure

2004 SO-HO Strange - The current anomalies of our sun

Forthcoming publications

GIZA GENESIS, THE BEST KEPT SECRETS VOL 3  - The Rough Guide to the Universe!

AKHMIM - A Lost City of Egypt

Interests and Hobbies

Is there time for any? of course! As an avid swimmer, (ex international) was one of the first long board surfers in the South Wales in the 1960's and still wet my toes on occasions. In 1986 formed the first Triathlon club in Wales, Triathletes Swansea, competing in over 100 triathlons up until the mid 1990's. In 1988 organised the now well known and successful short course triathlon Excalibur challenge on Gower. A one mile sea swim, 40 K gruelling bike ride over a ridge of Gower where King Arthur's stone is situated (a Megalithic structure) and 10K run.

Twenty years in the Royal Naval Reserves as a communications officer, offered an opportunity to train and experience a few of the "out of the ordinary" events.

In the early 1970's I was a member of one of the first Karate clubs practising WadoKai Karate Do style.(way of peace). I trained up to Black belt before diversifying my interests..I still like to keep an interest in the martial arts, including the historical aspects behind the cultural aspects.

Today, an occasional jog and swim keeps the body going, while time is put aside to keep the writing up and searching for the truth!


In searching for answers my travels have taken me to a number of countries meeting some extraordinary and interesting people. My main travels intitially were to Egypt, then leading to Nepal and Kathmandu (see study tours link).

In recent years I have spent some time travelling to Canada (Manitoba mainly) where my co-author James Wilkie lives, and find the climate, surroundings and atmosphere highly conducive to writing.

The Future
Many people ask me is it bright? it depends on one's point of view. Certainly we are going through a time of cosmic influences and turmoil on this planet, and I am afraid I have to quote the proverbial saying that "it will get worse before it gets better"...Many earth changes are currently underway, and many more will occur, in addition to global conflicts, all which appear to be coming to a head by 2012. The good news is that if one hangs in and is prepared, then all comes to him/her that wait..

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