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Latest solar SOHO images

Keep an eye on the Navy C3 satellite here Remember to REFRESH the page each time you visit as often it does not automatically give you the latest image
As at 20:45 Z 16th Feb - there appears to be a white out on the sat....who knows?

The above images come from the live feeds from LASCO and SOHO programmes, satellites in orbit above earth, for a full list of these images link on the many SOHO and latest images links above.
Basically, the blue images are known as C3 and as one can see have a wider object viewing field that the red images of C2 satellites (which are much nearer towards the sun)
In the C3 images you will notice the holding arm of the lens cover at approx 7 o'clock position to protect the lens. The sun us actually behind that middle circle and is the diameter of the white inner circle, the same applies to C2
On occasions you will observe large CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) or clouds of plasma gas being ejected from the surface of the sun, this eventually leads to solar flares, and often they may be earth directed.
For a complete overview of this subject and a look at solar anomalies over the last 5 years, go to SOHO strange for fetails how you can acquire a CDROM  that I have developed.

SO-HO Strange

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