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Giza-Genesis, The Best Kept Secrets:

Our first publication, which has now been re-published with improved design and content


Giza Genesis - The best kept secrets Book 1


Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie
  • Paperback: 248 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.61 x 9.00 x 6.14
  • Publisher: Galileo Publishing; (October 2002)
          ISBN: 0971809828

Who actually built the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, and why? Is there really a Hall of Records under the Giza Plateau? Are the mythological figures of ancient Egypt Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Horus, and others, actually the same characters represented in certain books of the Old Testament? How did we evolve on this planet? Where were we before earth? On May 3, 2000, a certain three individuals independently (physically and actually) made their way to Cairo for a rendezvous. These three individuals, up to this point, had no idea as to what event was about to unfold. They only knew that their previous training and unique skills would be required. It was here that they were given the co-ordinate entry points.

Two world-recognized experts on Ancient Egyptian Civilization and Sites, Howard Middleton-Jones, and researcher, James M. Wilkie, bring forth some of the most startling revelations ever imparted in the history of humankind.

We on this planet we call earth (Terra) are rapidly approaching a cosmic watershed. This watershed will completely alter or strengthen, as the case may be, the concept of ones belief in the evolution and advancement of humankind. It will be a time when many profound questions will be answered.

This book offers the most compact understanding of the origins of humankind in our solar system, simultaneously untangling the complex weave of "myth," reality and linguistic interpretations of the book of Genesis.

Over the swirling mists of time, the contents of Genesis have been subjected to countless translations and interpretations. While analyzing these contents, scholars discovered a strong connection to the layout of the Giza Plateau Pyramid complex in Cairo, Egypt.

Whoever wrote the texts of Genesis was in possession of the knowledge of the exact mathematical and astronomical layout of the Giza Plateau pyramid complex. Also, the obverse would be true. Utilizing not just the pyramids themselves, but the complete layout of the Giza Pyramid complex in conjunction with the texts of Genesis, we will demonstrate the true purpose of this magnificent and intriguing site.

In the past, Egyptologists seemed to have followed only one path after Champollin1 "deciphered" the Rosetta stone in the 1820s. One of the major drawbacks of any research that uses only one interpretation to follow the "treasure trail" they are seeking, is the limited meaning this places on subsequent findings.

Howard Middleton Jones and James M. Wilkie are opening new trails and paths in order to demonstrate the true meaning of what the ancient Egypt legacy is really all about. This book will provide new ammunition and a map for the increasing breeds of truth seekers.

As we progress through our understanding that emanates from sources left in text and stone, we will discover even more profound and crucial revelations concerning our very existence and advancement in the cosmos. These are revelations that some among us may wish to cover up, in a feeble attempt to prevent our free will choice, or opportunity to "ascend" to a higher level of understanding and awareness.

We offer this publication as a timely store of new knowledge and understanding derived from our research concerning the connection between the Giza Plateau, Egypt, and the Old Testament books of Genesis and Exodus. It is hoped that this understanding will assist those on Planet Earth in coming to terms to what is about to occur in this part of the Solar System.

The information contained in this publication is the result of many years of meticulous research, encompassing a broad spectrum of subject matter. The results are based on the best available information and sources, utilizing the best applications available at our disposal. In the majority of cases, the sheer amount of data presented would have required several texts alone. However, in order to bring to the reader the most complete understanding as possible, we have attempted to summarize this plethora of data into one single text.

About the Authors

Howard Middleton Jones. An author, investigative archaeologist, Egyptologist and frequent visitor to Egypt, Howard is well-known on the conference circuit, presenting talks on the mysteries of our ancient origins. He was born in South Wales, UK, and received his education at the University of Wales, Swansea, and Oxford University. Howard has two grown up daughters, and now shares his life with his philosopher partner, Jenni. They live in the old sea fishing village of Mumbles near Swansea, South Wales.

James M. Wilkie. For over 20 years, James has sought information concerning the secrets contained in the pyramids at Giza. Through meticulous research and global travel, he continued to discover numerous sources that appeared to be pointing him in a specific direction. At length, he was able to correlate and analyze this information, leading him to the conclusions that are presented in this book. James lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada



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