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The Sphinx Revealed

The second in our trilogy...larger illustrations, improved design and format...exciting read.

Giza Genesis Book 2:  THE SPHINX REVEALED


 Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie


Paperback: 302 pages

Publisher: Galileo Publishing; (April 8, 2003)

ISBN: 0971809836


As Earth approaches the "end time", December 21, 2012, does the ancient blueprint of the Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx map a sacred message for humanity? Volume 2, The Sphinx Revealed, in the Giza Genesis Disclosure series provides definitive evidence that the Giza plateau complex reveals a marker identifying the origins of its architects to other passing alien travellers. In addition, astronomical evidence, confirmed in the alignments of the Necropolis, incredibly shows earths relative location within our galaxy and provides a guide or map of the electro magnetic grids around our planet and beyond. December 21st 2012, all three known grids will converge and cross, thus bringing earth into a central alignment where Zero time will be realized.

End Time or Zep Tepi? December 21, 2012 Is it the end or beginning? How do the Secrets of the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx relate to the World in Crisis?

The authors reveal definitive evidence about the Giza plateau; Astronomical evidence that is confirmed in alignments of the necropolis including demonstrating the existence of a map of electro magnetic grids that surround our planet and beyond etc.

Learn about the universal template of not only our origins and DNA makeup, but that of our own and other solar systems, all incorporated within the Giza Complex, Cairo.

What is "the end time?" Discover the meaning of "December 21, 2012". The Mayan end count. Read about the decoding of the Bibles book of "Revelation". What is the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx and the message of the Giza pyramids? the relation to the belt of Orion?

Why is Genesis the most complex, interwoven coded piece of literature ever written? "We concluded there were three levels of work, the third level of which is the revealing of man's genetic code." How does this relate to the pyramid complex at Giza?



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