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The following is a succinct overview of a few of the findings we ultimately published in Volumes 1 and 2 of 'Giza Genesis - The Best Kept Secrets' 2001/2003 

The full descriptions and analyses ay be found in the books and in a number of chapters which I will upload from here over the coming weeks

Volume 1 - 2001. Chapter 4.


The hidden chamber, as we will explain in detail, is accessed through an opening in the Grand Gallery, from where an access point, under a thin rock located in the floor of the room, will ultimately lead to the ‘covenant’. This chamber, where the ‘Covenant’ can be found, is formed by a natural cavity within the limestone below the Great Pyramid.

On the eastside of the Great Pyramid are located three smaller ‘satellite’ pyramids, known as the ‘Queen’s pyramids’, so named as they were believed to be associated with the wives of the Pharaoh Khufu. The middle pyramid of these three lies on the line that precedes the chamber of the Covenant, which in fact is located under the adjacent southern pyramid known as Horus, or Isis. It is this room that is accessed from within the hidden chamber via the Grand Gallery. The passageway leading from this hidden chamber to the inner room is shown inside the Great Pyramid by the presence of the WELL, both in its method of entry as well as its exit. That is, the doorway leading out to the horizontal subterranean chamber. All of these ‘measurements’ and markings are incorporated into the Great Pyramid’s overall design.

Further evidence demonstrating that this had to be constructed in this manner is the shadow of the small black pyramid, which gave us the date of Dec 21st, is showing the sun sets in the West, not in the North. By moving the side of the small black pyramid to the east face of the Great Pyramid the shadow would then fall in an Easterly direction.





This chapter is intended to assist towards an understanding as to the blueprint and layout of the Giza Plateau, the global grid and the subterranean crystals associated with certain 'sacred sites' located around the planet.    


We need to come to an understanding as to what is required under the prevailing events that are occurring around the globe - an understanding that will lead to a magnificent change on the date of the alignment on December 21st 2012

Deep beneath the plateau, situated amongst the many subterranean passageways throughout the Thura limestone, is a particular chamber located within this chamber is what we will call “The Crystal”. This crystal is best described as a machine, which, when aligned form the constellation of stars as they appeared aeons ago

“The Crystal” in order for it to be re-aligned, so that it reflects, and is able to adjust itself in order to compensate for the energy alignment change which has already begun to occur.

This change will continue throughout the period leading up to the full alignment on 21st December 2012.

Reading this, one’s immediate response would be, “what’s the rush?  We have 12 years before alignment is to occur, not to mention what effect could one ‘crystal’ have on a whole planet.”

A further point to remember here is the theory of the global grid, [i] where many (Crystal) sites are connected in turn to each other, thus emanating a powerful earth vortex matrix, where possibly other smaller crystals exist along with the necessary operating equipment. However, in answer to the above response, energy reaches its maximum potential before it progresses to its next highest state. This energy is in the form of light waves. Matter is determined by the density and frequency of this energy, when broken down, and these light waves adhere to the laws, which are dictated by the Time, Space and Matter continuum. This would be not too much of a problem if these light waves were coming at us from a singular direction. BUT THEY ARE NOT!

The “Crystal” is honed into levels of blue which exist within the room in which the “crystal” is housed in, In other words it is bathed in this blue light. By re-aligning the crystal it will slightly alter the colour that it is set to breakdown, that being within the blue levels of colour. One must bear in mind that the crystal rests in the exact spot where the three positive light waves intersect dead centre.

As previously mentioned, Giza is not the only location where a crystal is present there are in fact a number of these “crystals” located around the globe. All are placed in exact locations, and these placements where the “crystals” are situated, create and complete an electromagnetic grid system. In addition, there can be found tunnel systems that appear to be endless, originating from under the Giza plateau itself and interconnecting with many of these sites


Chapter 12

Interdimensional Physics


Pythagoras held three major doctrines:

(1) Harmony of the Spheres;
(2) Doctrine of Numbers;
(3) Transmigration of Souls.



Points to consider.

1. The entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) is offset true north by 24 feet, or 3.7142 degrees.
2. The angle of separation lying between the valley temple of Khufu and the Sphinx temple is set at 3.714 degrees.
3. Two sides of the Great Pyramid are laid out to the value of Pi (22/7) calculated as 3.142857142857 etc, and two sides laid out to Phi, the Golden or Divine ratio, that is mathematically half the square root of 5 plus 1 = 1.618034.

The Genesis connection:
The critical recurring number sets here is 7142857, remember, the degrees true north the Great Pyramid is offset is 3.714285.

If one was to place these numbers in a vertical row in a series of 7 (God created heaven and earth in 6 days, on the7th he rested) keeping the figure 7 in align, the result would be thus;


If these numbers were aligned to 30 degrees, you would have the 12 houses (The Zodiac). In other words the trajectories of each set at time of growth. By advancing forward one unit each in its own set, this set creates changes to the other 12 houses.

These ‘lineage’ sets are millions per galaxy, and determine and identify the exact stage each body is in relationship to the process at any given time. It also gives the location of all six sources of relative energy input. That is, God created the heavens and earth in 6 days etc. Three of the six points are in negative displacement, while the other three are in positive form. This is tetrahedron geometry. This alignment therefore, controls our orbital spin and tilt etc.

As the universe expands spatial relationships must also move forward, the decimal side numbers, 3,6,9 are non-existent. This set is repetitive and infinite as if they did not exist there would be opportunity for the existence of chaos.





           Although the information contained in this section is the result of lengthy research by the authors, it is nonetheless always an added bonus when additional information appears to confirm one's findings, no matter how trivial they may seem. Such was the case recently while we were investigating this particular segment of our research, where a few pages of drawings and representative 'glyphs' (similar in appearance to Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs) came into our possession for commentary analysis. It transpired that not only did these representations confirm our existing theses, but offered additional insights as to what occurred on the Giza Plateau on May 5th, and may subsequently occur before or on December 21st 2012.


We refer to a few drawings here - I will upload these soon.

The box located immediately to the left of the marker (our centre line) is covered in symbolism. On the front face it indicates a hole (small circle) laying on the edge of a larger hole, while the perceptual location appears to be that of a roadway, or in this case a causeway. Located on the right hand side of this box there appears to be a stepped niche, similar to the one located in the Queen's Chamber inside the pyramid of Khufu, while the entrance on the side of the box is represented by the presence of the grill. On the top of this box appears a set of intersecting lines each being offset 45 degrees to the next. This is interpreted to mean that the box, and, or it's interior (or something inside the box) is precisely aligned to some exterior criteria, as yet unknown.


The final noticeable piece of symbolism is the appearance that the top of the box is open, and judging by the thickness of the walls of the box it was relatively straightforward to ascertain that this was indeed meant as a coffer or sarcophagus. The sarcophagus located inside the King's Chamber is also without a top, and not only is it



without a top it is also offset to the left of the meridian of the Pyramid itself. It appears self evident that this box represents the location of the Tomb of Osiris, in addition to the contents of that tomb. Remember, inside the tomb itself they have only discovered the Sarcophagus with four pillars, one located at each corner. These are the markers from which the unknown exterior markings will, when aligned, give the very precise location of the sarcophagus itself.


The entrance to this Tomb was indeed accessed from under the causeway leading to Kaphre. In addition, and importantly, is the fact that the Tomb itself is offset.


The next element of the drawing is the fork like symbol lying next to the box. This marker is found to be lying at an angle to the box (The tomb of Osiris) also to the right of the marker, and has two offsets in its handle, one to the left and one to the right. This is indicating that it is located at its endpoint to the right of the tomb in addition to being at a shifted angle from the centre marker. This forked marker is pointed at the blocked end of what appears to be a tunnel or a chamber, the front of the fork pointing to the east towards the location of the Hall of Records, which now brings us to the BOOK.


This book is also found to be lying at an angle similar to that of the key, only proportionally further over. On the book is written, "what is life for". The symbolism of the book, along with the title and the Stars shown to be moving in a linear motion, was interpreted to be the Hall of Records

It is apparent that there is a deflected energy source coming in at an angle, which, when it intersects with a direct flow creates a spiralling effect, in turn creating a stargate. The upside to all of this is the fact one possesses the knowledge that these stargates are dependent on energy (directional) flow. It would then be possible, if one were to be able to re-route the energy flow, that one could then control its endpoint. Or, put another way; re-direct the location where the Portal (or endpoint) of the Stargate would be opening up.

Someone, aeons ago in the history of this planet, possessed the understanding and the ability to position just such a defence system (not to mention the foresight). We refer to this defence system as the "Shield". This shield is controlled by a series of strategically placed "Crystals" all of which are located deep beneath the surface on points which we often refer to as the key points marking what we call the Cathie Grid.[i]

This entire global grid is controlled by one very complex crystal grouping, and it is this grouping that we refer to as the CRYSTAL. (See the chapter on The Great Experiment)



The primary location of this crystal is beneath the central power point, which is found deep beneath the Plateau. As much as the non-human beings would like to decommission this out of service, they cannot approach it. There is only one individual who can accomplish this task, known by various names, we will, however, refer to the name given to him in the book of Genesis, JOSEPH.


Joseph rests in a coffin (sarcophagus) very close to where the crystal is stored. He lays in wait, deep beneath the plateau, below the Pyramid we have referred to as Horus, (the southernmost 'queen's pyramid of Khufu). This Tomb is only accessible through the entrance leading down from the floor in the hidden room accessed from off the Grand Gallery, as detailed in our previous chapter. He, unlike the non-human beings (now awakening) must wait to be awoken.


There is a genetic key required to awaken him from his state of suspended animation in order to bring him back to life. This genetic key has been passed down generation to generation through the descendants of Abraham. But time is running short and Jacob’s older brother, Esau, will do all he can to see that this does not transpire.


[i] Bruce Cathie and the “Global Grid”. The modern scientific history of the Global Grid could be said to have begun with the work of a researcher named Bruce Cathie. Cathie writes on highly complicated mathematical ideas as if they were as simple as school arithmetic.

In pursuit of more intensive research, Cathie was led to French researcher Aime Michel, who had been studying UFOs for many years and had determined some of the standard flight paths that they would follow in various parts of Europe. UFO sightings would occur time and time again along these tracklines and Michel determined that the average distance between these lines was 54.46 kilometers. When converting this over to nautical miles, Cathie discovered to his own surprise that the tracklines were exactly 30 nautical miles apart. Again, 30 is a fundamental "harmonic" or frequency number.

Cathie found that the lines of magnetic force that made up the Global Grid are always 30 arc-minutes apart. If this is correct the adaptation of 360 degrees to a planetary sphere may simply be an observation of the organization of its lines of force. Thus, from Cathie's discoveries, we know that every half-degree of arc on the Earth's surface was a potential UFO trackline, for a total of 720 latitude lines and 720 longitude lines.

I found that by using units of 30 minutes of arc latitude north-south, and 30 minutes of arc longitude east-west, on my Mercator's map, a grid pattern was formed into which a great number of UFO reports could be fitted. I eventually had a map with sixteen stationary and seventeen moving UFOs plotted on grid intersections and tracklines.

Having satisfied myself that my reasoning and plotting were not false, I considered that I had good proof that New Zealand, possibly other countries, and probably the whole world, were being systematically covered by some type of grid system.

Captain Bruce Cathie.







complete their plan as soon as possible.


The function of the grid in place encircling planet earth is one of stabilisation, or filtering. The origin of construction (refer to THE GREAT EXPERIMENT section) is of a combined man and ET creation, and was set in place to diffuse abnormal fluctuations, such as the effects of massive CME’s and solar flares etc. At certain points in time, ‘we’ were apt to align at a position where planet earth was under a stronger influence from one or more astral bodies than would have otherwise be the norm. Alignment, therefore, is the crux of this grid, existence, or non-existence is only substantiated by this control of alignment.

What we termed earlier as the ‘Red grid’, can be utilised to re-direct excess energy into specific targets. One has only to follow the profuse ‘radar rings’ on the satellite weather maps to follow this scenario. While the Blue, or Purple grid allows for the equal re-distribution of excess energy.

Many remote viewers and the gifted individuals we know as ‘travellers’ are able to enter through a window, or portal in this grid, and exit out of another at a different time and place. The ability is having the knowledge and locating the points of these ‘windows’ along the grid. Therefore, by altering the grid, as occurred recently, to our overall advantage, we have in effect changed the location of these ‘windows’. In addition, we have changed time to our ‘natural time’, thereby exercising our Free will choice.

Based on the alignment we previously referred to, time actually denotes the density of light that is realised at a given point in space. In basic terms, it could be said that the grid itself has no time or space within, but a flowing continuum, while at the same time bearing in mind one requires to locate the ‘windows’ of entry and exit

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