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Exciting disclosure of the location of the entry point of the elusive Hall of Records Egypt 

DISCLOSURE Location of the Entrance to the Hall of Records Egypt

A special professionally recorded presentation in front of a live audience at the Ramada conference Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

May 8th 2003

Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie

In this unique one-off presentation, Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie demonstrate with unique graphics and illustrations, how they unravelled the code to understand the location to the entry point of the Hall of Records in Egypt.

The DVD demonstrates how in actual fact Edward Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet in the 1930s and 1940s, was correct in his assertion that the entry to the so called Hall Of Records was under the right Paw of the Sphinx. However, as the presentation shows, which right paw? And where? The constellation of Orion plays a major role in the scenario, as does a number of other pyramid sites apart from the Giza necropolis. Intrigue after intrigue is demonstrated as the trail leads the viewer across Egyptian deserts and ancient tombs, a trail which ultimately leads the intrepid searcher to the Delta region of Egypt!

Have the authors discovered the entry point to the library of records where it is said all data and records of humanity are kept? Is this the library of Thoth? the ancient Egyptian god who amongst many of his responsibilities was the  keeper of the book.

Thoth was well known for his cryptic clues and trails in order to deceive the seeker, however with many years of research under their belts, the authors often treading where angels fear to tread, have ultimately unravelled the cryptic and coded words of Thoth.

The DVD includes amazing testable astronomical evidence to demonstrate the findings, leaving the viewer with some equally incredible related findings discovered while working on the layout of the Giza necropolis.


Introduction - Stan Kubachec

Camera Dave Gaudet

Editing Lawrence "Rence" Garry

Host studio services Midcan productions Services Winnipeg

Design and graphics Jeff Didham Envisage design Group Winnipeg


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