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A Celebration of Life


James (Jim) Wilkie – 1950-2009


A Celebration of Life


In the early hours of Sunday June 28th Jim sadly lost his long battle with that arch enemy of our mortal bodies, cancer. He will be sorely missed not only by his family and friends, but by his many readers and followers of his work at Ambilac.


Jim was a great friend over the years sharing the many interesting and often bizarre experiences especially during our time in the deserts of Egypt.

My friendship with Jim developed out of our writing partnership on our books and countless articles, and over the years I certainly benefited from his keen insight and shared experiences.


Some would say, as co-writer and as an Archaeologist, I was the pen that poured oil on some of the ‘troubled waters’ of some of the more ‘challenging content’ of Jim’s ideas and views, but it was Jim’s keen insight and consistency and depth of passion of his work that I admired, and eventually we managed to get what I think was a balanced result in our writings.


We must have done something right, as I recall after updating and re-writing our Volume 1 book, after a 10 week stay in the Cabin near Lake Winnipeg in Canada,  managed the top 60 for a week at Amazon and even knocked off Stephen King at the time! So at least one of Jim’s main life ambitions was realised and I am truly grateful for that.


I have happy and fond memories of my many lengthy stays at the cabin where Jim often scratched his head in amazement while I took my regular daily jogs around the woods and Lake area, and in the summer my daily swims in the lake. Commenting on many occasions as to why I only suffered the odd one or two mosquito bites while running topless – I did mention that this could be due to the fact that I am vegetarian, but Jim would have none of it!


Jim’s work at Ambilac is a momentous work of love and many of the articles can be found as well as in the two books we published, The Giza Genesis The Best Kept Secrets series. Through this medium his work will be remembered and I am sure continuously referenced.

I trust he is in a place that all the truths and secrets he strove to unravel and make public will be revealed


Howard M-J

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