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Over the years there has been much speculation of what is commonly called ‘The Hall Of Records’ thought to be located under the Giza Pyramid necropolis near Cairo Egypt. Within this ‘hall’ is purported to be our complete historical record of our ancient origins and possibly ancient and advanced technology, thought by some to be of ‘Atlantean’ origin, that is from the culture of Atlantis, the long lost ancient civilisation.


In 1998 I teamed up with James Wilkie and Dr Jan Merta in Canada who had been researching in depth into the connection of the Giza Plateau Necropolis, especially the complexities and structure of the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Greek Cheops) and the Hall of Records.

We produced many articles on the ‘Ambilac’ site, resulting in two major publications in two volumes, published between 2001-2003; Volume 1 ‘Giza-Genesis The Best Kept Secrets’ and Volume 2 ‘Giza-Genesis The Best Kept Secrets The Sphinx Revealed.


In Volume 1 we covered some intriguing theories and suppositions that were in fact more in reality than fiction, and it appears today many of these premises are being proven out.

Unfortunately, James (Jim) passed away last July and with him much information I was collating to prove out some of our subject areas, such as the purpose of the Great Pyramid, the whole Giza necropolis and associated star alignments. Such topics today are now are being discussed vehemently on a global scale. In addition, as a double tragedy in August of this year (2010) Dr Jan Merta sadly passed away also, and with his passing leaving a tragic void to humanity. Jan was a man recognised around the world as an incredible character; mentioned in 18 ‘Whose Who’ books, submitted to the Guinness book of Records in the late 1980’s as one of the world’s most accomplished men, a professional deep sea diver and inventor, author and psychic. The list goes on. Suffice to say Jan held certain beliefs and ideas that are reflected in our work at ‘Ambilac’. I carried on the work many years ago by collating our research into the UK section of Ambilac at where many relevant articles are freely available


In Volume 1 for example we discussed the importance of the ‘Great step’ in the pyramid of Khufu, the Universal planetary grid, the importance of a certain ‘crystal’ and its association with many other sacred sites around the world, and of course the location of the Hall of Records.


Thus, armed with the above background I now offer you a few ‘tid bits’ of information that may assist you while you the reader are trying to sort the chaff from the wheat.

My initial offering is a private fax from Jim to Dr Zahi Hawass, then director of the Giza Pyramid Necropolis, in December 1998, which as you will see confirms that Dr Hawass was indeed interested in finding the location of the Hall of Records, and was amenable to any serious offer of help to locate same. The search continued utilising Jim’s proposals with the famous ‘Gatenbrink Robot’ where a robotic vehicle was sent through the shafts of the Great Pyramid and more recently with similar the attempts by Dr Hawass using a newer modified robot.


This fax was sent after a subsequent meeting with Jim and Dr Hawass in the November of 1998 at Hawass’s office on the Giza Plateau. After the meeting, where Jim offered a number of proposals, Hawass gave Jim the free range of the Plateau to investigate the proposals


Under the circumstances (sad losses of Ambilac researchers) and what has transpired regarding certain on-going developments at the Giza Plateau, I offer this piece of the jigsaw for you to read and digest and take what you will of the content. In so doing I acknowledge the long and hard dedicated work by Jim and Jan, who strove for many years to offer this to the public.


I will also republish on this site the associated and relevant chapters from Volume 1 which explain in great depth the subjects, methods and locations Jim mentions in the fax.


FAX – James M Wilkie to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Director of Pyramids, Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

Date; 12/04/98 – Note, this is a North American date version thus it would be 4th December 1998.


Dear Dr. Hawass


When I met with you in your office on Saturday November 28th at 11.00am, we discussed the possibility of the location of the Hall of Records, after which you granted permission to enter Cheops. I have subsequently been instructed to inform you that the proper way to gain access to the point you are leading to is as follows.


In the grand gallery, the 25th mortise counting back from the Great step on each side, beneath that point which immediately precedes the entranceway to the Queens’ passage, there are two small niches carved into the ledge walls. These must be chiselled into until they reach a space in which a rock has been placed. On each side of the Grand gallery these rocks are to be pushed outward and will then fall into place. Once in place, they will create an opening beneath the ledges from which the sand on which the two ledges are held in place by and rest, will be released into the two compartments, one on either side of the gallery.

Once the sand has been drained the two ledges may then be levered releasing the stone exposing a passageway, the opening of which will occur directly beneath the 20th mortise counting down from the great step.


The rest of the centre passageway above this point will remain intact; however, girdle-type stones will be released, landing on the bed of sand which is above the passageway which presently leads to the Queens chamber. Those girdle stones will line up, forming a passageway to the area which you are presently attempting to tunnel to. Once you reach this point I will then tell you what steps you must take to proceed.


I have been instructed to give you this information. Once I have given you this information, you and you alone are responsible for whatever would occur. But at anytime, should you have any questions I can be reached at this fax number or telephone number.


James Michael Wilkie

Click on the link below to demonstrate the method of the girdle stone release as described in the fax above - this will open in a word document.
The chapter is 2002 copyrighted, however, parts may be used with proper reference under the fair use system.

THE GREAT STEP - From Chapter 6 of Volume 1 Giza Genesis the Best Kept Secrets 2002

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