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The role of Phobos, Planet X, the so called end time and a major decision for earth THE BLESSING.


However, before we deal with Planet "X" we would like to explain what we know at this point and time about PHOBOS, one of a pair of moons of the planet Mars, (Note 1) also known as the "King of Terror


Phobos is the largest war machine ever built and was last used against our neighbouring planet Mars

The battle itself was fought between those who constructed it and those who wish to use it as a weapon against Earth, in the same fashion as it was used against Mars some millions of years ago.

The situation with Phobos began when the comet 76P (Kohoutek) began its fly-by past Mars, and riding into this sector under cover of this comet was an Annunaki advanced war-ship (diameter 25 miles). If readers recall Father Malachi (Vatican Priest)


However, even with this strengthen E.M. GRID we will still experience extreme vibrational havoc, but at least at that time we will avoid that which is their intent, that being to bring about the demise of our civilization. For it is their goal to bring this about when all are experiencing absolute FEAR, as they can only gain control of your SOUL if it is in a negative state of vibrational flux. This is the reason in almost all our articles we have tried to get across the importance of having NO FEAR.


The initial point to understand is that when we refer to the "END TIME", what we are basically stating is that the full cycle has run its course and that time has to be reset. This is what we refer to as ZERO TIME. At ZERO time all points relative to this timeline will be sealed and a new timeline will emerge.

The descendents of ESAU (if not ESAU himself) have but one-intent only and that is to try to enslave the people of Jacob. For it is at this time (as we approach ZERO TIME) that was referred to by Isaac when he told ESAU that he will once again have a further attempt at the blessing.

ESAU and his descendents are ANUNNAKI, or reptilian, but because JACOB lost his tail before crossing the RIVER into our lineage, we as HUMANS are not.

The BLESSING, the COVENANT and the importance of the GIZA PLATEAU (and the machinery which lies beneath it).

Much of the upper echelon of the military, in addition to the Vatican, also had previous knowledge of this event for some time See notes (2) on Father Malachi and what is approaching us and the Vatican observatory at Mount Graham.


In Volume 3 of the Giza series we will fully explain how the Gyroscopic motion that we function under, is very much a pinpoint action and that the Giza Plateau pinpoints that very exact location. We also pointed out how the machinery which is located deep beneath the plateau was not only operational but had been placed there hundreds of thousands of years ago and controls and stabilizes our present reality. This is clearly understood as the EM GRID fields here on Earth, which were also explained in Volume 2.

Gyroscopic Motion

Once all will have moved into position, on the 21st of Dec. 2012. ALL are set at precisely 26.42857 Degrees (in elevation) of its neighbour within its own Lineage line, and all having maintained their own "0" (zero) relationship of 1.42857 Degrees (see article TURN UP THE TUNES).




Last passed on from Jacob to Ephraim (Genesis 48:20) and it is now the time of Ephraim to exercise the Blessing making him the "twice blessed" one. (see THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY).

IF Ephraim succeeds in this task then Heaven will fulfill the Covenant that was established with our forefathers etc - and that is to protect "HIS" people from those that would mean them harm.


All of these 12 Shepherds are members of the Galactic Council, having agreed to abide by the Judgement that is to be handed down from Heaven, HEAVEN always having the final word on these matters.


Preparation and Understanding - February 2002


Overview of global events

Planet X references

Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Mount St. Helens...11/04/01



The Christ Consciousness

The grids - Each one of these three granite plugs represents an energy flow, each successively at a higher level - and consequent alignment of the three electro-magnetic energy grids that ultimately affect the granite block (represented as Mars) consequently appearing to move it to another level

Demonstrate how the three grids are aligned and how through alignment will soon come into their maximum points of that alignment. In addition, how this process will open the door or portal, allowing the energy to enter from one level into the next level and so on

As we pointed out in volume 1, once the star code had been correctly interpreted we found that Noahs Ark actually demonstrated to be the Pyramid of Khufu. For once it was placed into the model at the correct angle, all shafts aligned to the specific stars.



August 2001


Satellite image from GIVEN SIGN

Quake map

Three waves

Twice blessed

By eliminating the life forms on Mars, this left our planet on its own in this lineage line

In each of the three lineages there are four planets. In our positive (Pleiadian) lineage line at present the planets are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. In our negative (Draconian) lineage line are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In the third lineage line (Orionian) there are four planets. Here are the lineage ties, [four sons by Leah ( Jacobs first wife ), two sons by Bilhah  (maidservant to Rachael ),two sons by Zilpah ( maidservant to Leah) and two more sons AND 1 daughter [Dinah] by Leah. Then a further son [Joseph] by Jacobs second wife Rachael. Thus the story of the Positive, Negative and Neutral lineages are conceived.


The three main pyramids located at Giza mark the three grids that control the Earth's placement.

There are only two (2) PORTAL ENTRY POINTS into this space, these allow the Planets to enter and or exit each lineage line as this process advances over time. These two (2) Portals are: On the positive side our Sun, while on the Negative side the portal itself is through Jupiter [Dinah]. Esau-Seth-Draco or whoever, vaporised life on Mars in order the Portal entry point would not be monitored by those on Mars once the Planet would be moving forward on it's next advancement. This was at a time when Mars was in the location where we now find Earth to be placed.


Only a few of years ago the Galactic Fleet intercepted and engaged thus finally turning away the Draconian Fleet who were about to enter this space via Jupiter. The Fleet has since been re-fitted and at present is guarding the Portal at the Sun. Some have actually seen Sun Cruisers appearing and disappearing around the Sun, the reason being they are guarding the Portal on both sides.


Soon the Grids will come to full alignment and the Planets will once again be moving ,leaving Earth to guard the Jupiter Portal. Ephraim will enter through the SUN Portal (this is the Birth Event we have talked about). Ephraim will then become the first planet and will be able to guard the Sun Portal. THIS IS THE POINT IN TIME WHERE THE SEVENTH SEAL WILL HAVE BEEN OPENED, MORE WILL ENTER THAN WILL LEAVE AT THAT TIME.

Book of Zechariah

THIRD WAVE: The third Wave will be the Orions, who will attempt to enter once the Sun Portal opens. They will undoubtedly come through at the time Ephrium also enters

the placement in the picture of the location of the Sarcophagus. The sarcophagus represents the constellation of Delphinus (often referred to as Job's coffin). Now recall the scene that unfolds in the third vision in the Red Sky Prophecy, where a small child (Ephrium) appears and up above the sky is ripped apart and Dolphins are flying around.



The Upcoming Energy (Magnetic) Shift 


April 2001


ESAU would see this world and its inhabitants completely destroyed, rather than allow us the opportunity to exercise our Free Will choice

Red Grid, having removed the planet from its natural ability to adjust itself under normal growth rate etc. When the controlled shift takes place, the entire world will shake and vibrate violently


Pi and Phi


Sacred Geometry and biological immortality

Speech of Thoth

The covenant and weighing of the heart

Flail and Crook Slavery or freedom?

Alpha and Omega

Beauty and beast choice of love

LIFT UP YOUR HEART The soul and free will choice

February 2002   Addenda #1


At this point in time, travel through the grid may be carried out on a physical basis of body travel within the Earth Grid (Blue Grid).  At the border of Earth Grid - Universal Grid, the human body must be released, and only the soul can travel beyond.


The battle of Armageddon is taking place to release the gridlock we have placed on ourselves, as well as the gridlock that Lucifer has tried to place on Earth



Our calculations and research of a stargate opening on June 10th have been confirmed, and we have been told more will enter than leave. However, this does not necessarily imply a vortex in our protective grid, and events will be determined on other events in progress.


Multi dimensions as calculated from the Giza Plateau


February 2001


The increased sol activity and The beauty of the overall model is that it CLEARLY establishes the relationships between ALL of the constructed monuments located in and around the Giza Plateau. After learning HOW to read it, you realize that the size and the placement of every Pyramid, Temple, and every procession way is built, and placed, so as to reflect the whole model


This is the 12th-13th Dimensional Physics level

As Earths Time is calculated on a 360 Degree complete orbital path abound our Sun, we must then find our Earths relationship to the Suns relative "0" point (reference point). As all things within a perfect system the Sun too has its "0" (Relative), time it functions within. As the Earth derives its energy directly from our Sun, therefore as the Earth is

Directly influenced by the Sun, which is governed by its relative time, we must then add this into our equation. Keep in mind that the Sun also must adhere to the same system of relative Time that the Earth does. So to our "10"(Earths relative Time) we then add the "0"Time factor of the Sun and we will now show this as "100".


This is the 24th-25th Dimensional Physics level


The same governing criteria apply to the Star, which our Sun is itself in orbit around. So once again we must take this Stars relative time and factor it into its place within our Earths. And as this is two steps back we then show this as "1000


This will then take us to the 36th-37th Dimensional Physics level.

The book of Revelation, describes many things but the two most important things to bear in mind are the 4 Horsemen, and the 1000yr.reign. The other important items are the 7 stars, 7 candles and the 7 churches. Next is the number 144,000.

Utilizing our 360 degree mathematical model, we find that from the centre there are 4 equal 90 Degree quadrants. In an earlier article we explained how the 12 houses are derived etc., we had also further explained how there are 3 houses, at ALL times having their maximum influence on our planet in any given quadrant. These 3 houses and the effect on our planet, at any given time dictate our Orbital spin. Because time is constant it cannot exist solely in that quadrant. The Earth continues to spin as the next quadrant enters the space. This process continues until the original quadrant has gone Full Circle. As our Sun is our second Time line it is only fair to say that 1 Earth year (of Time) is (10x4=) 40 Sun years

Montauk Project

This is also substantiated by the fact that they are using 24-25 Dimensional Physics, this being the maximum level they could have obtained (which was given to them by Rogue groups of ETs), given that those who gave them this data had hidden agendas of their own.

Again, the same process is held to be consistent when we calculate the Time element of the Sun to its relationship to its source or primary Star. However we must still factor that into our time reference. This is 10x4x10=400.

 Which draws us to these numbers:




If we them were to justify our orbital Time we would proceed this way 4x1.42857=5.7142857

The Time of Earths orbit around the Sun is approx. 365.24 days. Right away we can do away with the .24, this due to the fact that we are measuring the Time as it relates to the outer surface.

Now as for the 5.7142857 this comes about because we are measuring Time as it equates to the 3 levels, those being 10,100 and 1000. Now by moving the decimal point over one it would read as 57.142857. We then can eliminate the 7 as we know this to be equal to "0", (7x1.42857=10). We then would read this to be 50.142857 we then carry on and advance our decimal point again and find this to read as 501.42857. We then convert our 1.42857 (knowing it to be the value of "0") so our number then reads as 500.

Remember that is to the centre, on the whole it will be 5+5=10, 50+50=100, 500+500=1000

Again bear in mind that there are three lines of lineage each arriving at different 30-degree angles. Thus totalling an overall encompassing arc spread of 90 Degrees (3x30=90). Although there are 4 quadrants there are 2 halves in each quadrant, and this is defined by the presence of the justified alignments and dictated thru in the 3 Dimensional models.

All of the above we have now shown you may help to explain how Time as we understand it must from its source come full circle in order to manifest itself in a particular timeframe. This is the reason we have witnessed the events (according to their time frame occur, but which effects wont be felt here in this timeframe (Earths) for one full year from the date of occurrence in the Suns timeframe. or (10x4=40 Sun years or the time it takes Earth to move its 4 quadrants thru full circle)

Purpose the Queens Pyramids

Many people have studied various ancient texts and related information, left by our ancestors, and in doing so, has kept this data alive. However, without the understanding of how it all this fits together, as the material once deciphered is by itself fragmented. The pieces that make the whole puzzle surrounding our past to come together have eluded us, thus this great illusion/confusion we live in today. It is this very illusion / confusion which has allowed this Dark side to keep us in servitude. And this is unacceptable. So to be able to understand that which is about to happen we must understand what took place EONS ago

Crystal grid and Venus

This was but a rogue group of Pleiadians, as there are many groups within that star system). They proceeded to establish a secondary grid (we refer to this as the Red Grid) to encompass the Earth; this Grid is one existing inside of the natural more encompassing Blue Grid. This Red Grid utilizes 24-25th Dimensional Physics. And when it was activated it literally captured all that were within in its inner field. They were given NO CHOICE.

The only way out was to either remove the Red Grid, or wait for the Timelines to once again cross.

WELL the timelines are about to cross. And there are several (alien worlds) that are to say the least peeved and wanting the release of their people

Schumanns resonance

In the meantime Esau is gathering forces to attempt to stop the release of these people. As you read this his forces are busy preparing Phobos (one of the moons of Mars) to conceal his forces before it is directed towards the Earth, this scenario has been dealt with already in a previous article on inbounds (yet to arrive in this timeline


December 2000

Overview of previous current events

September 9th, the Solar Cruiser was visible in one of the Lasco satellite images, a

On September 12th an exceptional CME was observed from the sun and dubbed the Madonna Object

September 23rd saw the return of the solar cruiser as seen on the Lasco 2 satellite frame of

2000/9/23 23:50.

Dark Entity

One of the most significant events was that of the solar anomaly of September 29th,

We were referring to the three quakes that we predicted many weeks previously, that in actual fact came about, but all 20 degrees out?!

Torpedo and comet activity

Grid is back on-line and powered. One disturbing note is that sources in the Azores report a strong electromagnetic residual signature coming from the Brookhaven area. Hypothesis is that an electromagnetic beacon is DRAWING comets and asteroids in our direction. It shuts down so that objects will "Just Miss" us. Their calculations were off this last time for sure. Someone out there likes us and fragmented the beastie or we would have been hit a glancing blow. The grid would have stayed up, but would have been weakened considerably. The consequences of this signature in the crust resulted in shock waves that may have ignited that mid atlantic quake. We are still running calculations to confirm this. Anonymous

Sightings of inbound Wichita

Readings from sol charts, geo seismic (Condon) and Elfrad

 A WAKE UP CALL An update of recent events and Wormwood Newsletter 3A-2 October 2000

On September 12th, a full halo CME was observed and was thought to impact earth by September 14th 15th. This was later termed the Madonna CME

Would like to call your attention to a very unusual and strange event. The .9 hertz signal Elfrad has been monitoring for the past while has been joined by other transmissions. The regularly scheduled broadcast between 900 and 1000 hrs UT has some companions. The first signal burst started at 822 UT for a duration of 30 minutes. Elfrad

Quakes and unusual radar rings

Interdimensional alignment

Get the update out.  The comet did not hit, as you were told.  It would shake up the Earth and it will.  The earthquakes were your signal that this would occur.  Time to wake people up!

A GIVEN SIGN Interpretation of cosmic events

July 11th 2000

GOES - 8 IR Globe earth satellite image, dated July 10th at 17.45Z (UTC

It appears that what is known as the Rapture may be indeed commencing. In other words, utilising technology such as the ships, to take those whom are sent for and to take them to the Pearly gates as it were. At this point those taken are received and their names checked against those in THE BOOK. Remember we talked of this book of records in previous articles, some may refer to it as the BOOK OF THOTH, where records of all souls are kept




Once these initial events have taken place, the "SEVENTH SEAL" will be opened and all those departing this time event will leave. Others will then arrive and the seal closed. You will know when this time has arrived as the signal that is being recorded by the ELFRAD group will have ceased.


The September 13th Events: 

The Olympic Games and Sydney Australia 2000

September 2000

Sydney Australia Location 33:5500S 151:17:00E

On the 13th September 2000 at 05:30 (local time Sydney or 12th September 18:30 Zulu UTC) until 17.30 (local) the following stellar alignments will occur.

Constellation of Delphinus will be at 270 degrees West and at -25 degrees declination.

The moon will be at 265 degrees West and at +15 degrees declination. 25 + 15 = 40.

Add 40 to 15 degrees (the Moon) = 65 degrees declination.


List of crop circles at:

KILDEBROENDE (Denmark) August 22nd

MOOSOMIN Saskatchewan August 30th

MONTANA  August 31st 


Part XIV:


ALL of these inbound objects will be "BOUNCED" off the GRID, which was activated on the 5th May 2000 AND was further strengthened on the 12th MAY 2000. This is the very same GRID THAT has been defusing the massive CME's (Solar Coronal Mass Ejections) which have, and continue to SLAM into earths ionosphere, only to poop-out before they reach the surface.

Four crop circles showing earths shield of the grid and electromagnetic field crop


The Book of Revelation is not open for discussion or for man's interpretation, it is what it is, that being, the future history of events that will transpire. The point of no return was reached at the time the SPEAR was jabbed into the CHRIST at the time of his CRUCIFIXION. For the CHRIST and the EARTH are but the same and we have continued to abuse this dying EARTH. For although CHRIST sacrificed himself to try and save the EARTH and his People, CHRIST, like the EARTH is now dying, while the ROSE (GODs BLESSING) has now been passed over to Joseph's second born, EPHRIAM


Send my message to all those who now suffer. I am here to bring FREEDOM. FREEDOM and FREE WILL are one. A message also to those Tyrants, "you know who you are" you will be suppressed as you have suppressed others. Be warned...the time is now. The choice is yours. The choice is FREEDOM.........


We love you...regardless of everything else we will push through the Love


The first point to understand is that everything that does exist does so by being held in its state on specific harmonic, or vibrational levels. ALL things at a fixed vibrational frequency will exist in a given time frame. Once all objects in the same time space are at the same vibrational frequency, they can be treated as one singular object, or, in our case, they can be controlled as a singular unit.

The Zeta's found us (Humans) a very interesting race of people, for they had never encountered a race that was driven by emotions to the extent that we are. Therefore, the deal was made and the chemical cocktail drawn up. It was then left to the NWO to begin administering this control system en-masse to the people. This chemical cocktail has been designed to LOWER our VIBRATIONAL rate, carrying with it some concerning side effects, which we will address separately.

This FALSE PROPHET we speak of, at the time of writing, is "in ASHRAM


Bear in mind, presently there are approximately 6 billion souls on this planet and each and every one of those mind controllers wish to get their share of the "Harvest". The more souls they are able entice to follow them, the greater the strength of their domain becomes, ultimately extending outward to other sectors of the Galaxy

It was this reason why THE GRID was placed in position, to ensure that no outside influences could make entry before GOD has had the chance to prepare "HIS" people. IN a few months this GRID will be ripped apart by the very forces which gave it its strength, and at that time the real battle will begin in earnest.



The reason for the effort to lower our vibrational rate is to cause lethargy and absent-mindedness on A mass scale, thereby creating thicker "veils" for us to try and see through. If we cannot see what is happening, then it stands to reason we cannot take action

The fourth, even more obtuse attack is the inclusion in this cocktail of aluminium particles, which may be electrically charged. Consider the effect of the human body infused with these particles constantly in an environment of electrical waves, electromagnetic fields, microwaves and x-rays (especially with our sun being in high solar cycle). This will eventually lead to illness. Now consider the effect when a pulse is sent from such facilities as HAARP or Brookhaven Heavy Ion Collider, the end result could be mind-control on a mass scale

The new POPE will bring the downfall of the church and will leave ROME. This is the Third prophecy of FATIMA, that of the Pope leaving ROME in ruins, where he will head to the mountains where many will die and the church ultimately will be in ruins. His blood and theirs will indeed wash the EARTH, as it is the "offering" of blood.'



It has come to our attention recent and increasing earthquake events, and indeed further events due shortly, may in fact induce a serious knee jerk reaction in certain military circles

These natural earthquake events (we are also aware of the technology that may possibly induce such events) will be centred on, or around well-known facilities relating to nuclear storage and armament depots

As far as we can ascertain the location of these forthcoming events are located at Murmansk Russian Federation, Las Vegas Nevada, USA and Durban South Africa


We have also discovered that northeast of Las Vegas Nevada, is the Nevada Test Site, surrounded on three sides by Nellis Air Force Base, which is adjoined to the famous Area 51. This area was used for nuclear weapons testing from 1951 to 1992, using above ground and later underground tests. Nellis AFB is known also for its development of air vehicles, some notable examples being the Stealth Fighter and the Aurora

To the north of Nevada Test Site and Nellis AFB is Yucca Mountain, which is under investigation to become the National Nuclear Repository (read "dump") of the US

The time travelling mountain. Larry OHanlon.
Issue dated 7th July 2000. New Scientist

It has come to my attention that the New World Order has begun implementing its master plan, which calls for limited controlled nuclear warfare

The military wing of the New World Order is controlled on most levels through the use of implants and other forms of mind control. The forces that make up this wing of the New World Order come from all countries.

We believe that the above scenario, is not a valid one. However we have included it in this article as we have no way to disprove it. If such a plan did exist, the rogue element would now, with the airing of this information have placed themselves at high risk

Our first extract is from an article in 1999 entitled, Aviary, Good Bye: Hello. Acclimation Program Boylan and Aviary programme

Official Within MJ-12 UFO-Secrecy Management Group Reveals Insider Secrets

Dr Wolf

The UN maintains an unacknowledged Special Intelligence Branch, which is involved in working with all countries and their intelligence services around extraterrestrial matters



Until very recently, 1999, scientists assumed that the planets circling our sun as being the ones they were born in, however, it is now realised from research carried out on the planet of Jupiter that this may not be the case.

Judging by what Science now understands, which really is very little as we have seen, we think that we can justify that indeed a planet can be born, and that very soon we will witness this very scenario on our own back door.

Lift Update

This in turn has created a scenario where you may have noticed the emergence of a low frequency belt surrounding the planet. This transmission frequency has since been brought to light showing up on ELFRAD.



 While ESAU is presently preparing for the BATTLE, he is about to begin to implement his plan by attempting to block people, by denying them their RIGHT TO FREE WILL CHOICE, from EXITING.

Almost all of these forces have vacated this space since, many asking for forgiveness as they departed. It was at this time you may recall that the ZETAS asked to be freed from the inside of the GRID, whereupon we obliged and led them outside the GRID at that time.

They had previously struck a deal with ESAU and associates here on TERRA (Earth), where they would help them develop their technology and in return would be allowed to run several biological tests on humans. They were further promised that when they were to leave this planet, they would be allowed to take with them a great number of human entities. Needless to say, it slipped their memory that they were dealing with ESAU indirectly, and thus when it came time to leave they were informed they would not be allowed to take any human life forms with them



This plan is laid out in three parts:

1) disclosure of longstanding dealings with ALIEN ENTITIES.

2) CHAOS......create a situation which seems out of control, possible war OR threat of war.

3) SAVIOUR.....bring forth an ALIEN ENTITY to help us solve our totally out of hand world situation



Only recently, on 12th June, it was revealed by Dr Greer, founder and director of Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) that;

The long-awaited process to disclose definitive evidence and proof regarding extraterrestrial intelligence, UFOs and covert government projects related to the subject has been funded and launched.

"Do not believe all you see or hear" Remember the three monkeys, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil! Take this on board as we go through the travail of the following months ahead.

In 1999, the New York Daily News ran a story on the 85-year-old billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller who was funding a report on UFOs to be sent to President Clinton and other world leaders.

The report was entitled "The Best Available Evidence", and contained testimonies from former military officials and astronauts, contradicting denials of alien landings

The family under J.D Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Winthrop Rockefeller, Laurence Rockefeller, while the most notorious, in middle of 20th C, David Rockefeller head of Chase Bank and behind all presidents, controlling the money, media and politics, have built up one of the most influential sections of our communities.

Television commentator Bill Moyers found out during a fifteen-day, globe spanning trip in the company of David Rockefeller that 'just about a dozen or fifteen individuals made day-to-day decisions that regulated the flow of capital and goods throughout the entire world.'"

This was a quote from Father Malachi Martin, in his The Keys of This Blood

It was Father Malachi who brought to the attention of the public, the interest of the Vatican in astronomical observatories and their real purpose in stargazing. For more on this link to the article and audio from the Art Bell (now Coast to Coast) What is approaching us


In order for any of the plan to be carried further, a CRISIS SITUATION must then come to light. (Do you get the feeling that we have a WAG THE DOG show about to unfold?). The difference here, however, is that there is much more at stake, and in order to further move the plan ahead, how many CRISES will they create


Whilst preparing this article it has come to our attention there will be an event that will be part of the aforementioned scenario. This event is the occurrence of three earthquakes, taking place over a short span of time.

The locations in which they occur are as follows:

  • Murmansk, Russia.approx. N 68 latitude, E 35 longitude
  • Durban, South Africaapprox. S 30 latitude, E 30 longitude
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USAapprox. N 37 latitude, W 117 longitude



By this time we will have discovered the technologies which have been developed over the last 60 years, not to mention the source of these technologies, having been supplied to us by ALIEN beings. And that these same TRUSTWORTHY aliens, have been monitoring our progress and now wish to help solve our GLOBAL PROBLEMS- ENTER ESAU'S ARMY.... come to protect the people of EARTH from one another. To unsuspecting trusting minds, the PROPHET/MESSIAH has come to bring PEACE to the people of the world...

This illusion will be short lived, however


June 2000 -

To understand the present and unfolding scenario on this planet, it is essential to have read at least the last two articles on our site, that of On The Eighth Day and EXIT-US, these articles will greatly assist towards an understanding as to what is about to occur

The shedding of the foreskin is about the personal control of the suppressed SPIRIT in/ within us, a time to renew our faith in the harmonic workings of the spirit as a whole. That is the Universal Consciousness

That time is known in the Mayan calendar as the 13th Baktun, where one must shed or sever the reliance on only the physical world, or the underworld

Some have asked why Alien races from distant worlds would come here to fight a BATTLE, in our defence

Heaven and earth were made
in 6 days, the 7th rested, thus the 8th. was the first day of existence, this is where the reptilian form is 'lost' (the skin is shed)



Bear in mind also, that many of the scientists working on this project are working there on a need to know basis, where the full agenda is hidden, and only available to an elite few. So who is pulling the strings and for what purpose?

We believe that this project is an attempt to perfect the ultimate weapon of

Destruction, where the sole purpose is to only kill and annihilate all living organisms, while at the same time leaving the physical assets remaining!



June 2000 -

In this timely update, we now offer further evidence, the necessary essential details and an overview of the time line of events leading up to December 21st 2000

In a nutshell, certain solar events (some having been recently manipulated in order to alter the suns natural evolution) will lead to the birth of a new planet from our sun on or around December 21st 2000.

Thus equating the myth of ISIS (Mary) giving birth to a new planet.

However, not only will we (for those remaining on planet Terra) witness the birth of a new planet into our solar system, but also over the next six months Terra will experience many earth changes. This may be in the form of severe weather, earthquakes and volcanoes etc as she reacts to and accommodates for the evolutionary process taking place. These events will eventually culminate in a POLE SHIFT


However, we have evidence to suggest the contrary, including the fact that our star is now a Helium star (since 1991) and in its present condition highly unstable, ultimately being given approximately only 1,045 years of extended life. That is, in 3045, our sun will be going SUPER NOVA!

It seems that in 1962 the sun lost its polarity and is assumed to have reached half-life, based on telescopic observations made at the time from Aerospace stellar facility Simi Valley California.

In November 1997, for those following the SOHO satellite images observed large anomalies orbiting the sun. These anomalies can still often be observed today and have given terns such as Sun cruiser and in one of our previous articles, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, we named the anomalies Plasma carriers

The recent missiles fired into the sun will have started an internal electrical reaction within the sun itself. This reaction will begin to be absorbed at the core level at which time the core will begin its next cycle at its stage of growth. This will continue until the great alignment of December 21st 2012.



It is believed HAARP on it's own can create E/M fields over various targets, resulting in earthquakes, weather changes and physiological symptoms. This can be carried out directly through the grids or sent to satellites and back down to the target. It is also believed that HAARP could be used to create holograms in the sky as part of PROJECT BLUE BEAM,

The effects of HAARP have been seen for some years now via the weather maps, as shown on FLASH RADAR,

By combining the E/M from RHIC and HAARP emissions, it is quite possible to create a hole in our atmosphere, in fact, a hole in the grid itself! If this were to occur, any ships would be able to enter our atmosphere, as described in our previous article, ON THE EIGHTH DAY.This might also cause similar effects to the Philadelphia Experiment, whereby a hole is created in the Time - Space Continuum.

The basic structure in our alignment is that the Southern cross, or Crux, is located directly over the Giza Plateau, and it is this location that the vortex is situated.

Many will know of the famous Fatima (Portugal) prophecy where it is foretold of Red Skies will be witnessed prior to an event of great proportions, but how many know of a similar and equally profound vision by an Apache in the 1920s

It was a vision of destruction of man. But man was given four
Warnings to that destruction, two of which gave man a chance
to change his ways and two of which would give the children
of the earth time to escape the creators wrath.

The CHILD delivering this message was "EPHRIAM".

This will last for a period of ten years, bringing us to the year 2011 (Dec. 21st 2011) This period will denote the completion of the Battle (Armageddon), and, like Stalking Wolf, there will be one year to look back and truly absorb what took place, and to learn and understand that the SPIRIT of MAN and the SPIRIT of EARTH must learn to live in HARMONY.....On December 21st 2012 TIME will then be RESET.....

Part XI:

GOOD versus EVIL

 We have offered an explanation that in connection with the available evidence, both set in stone and in text form a set of data was handed down for the benefit of mankind. How the many groups involved in related research have interpreted the data, is as varied as the number of chapters in both Genesis and Exodus itself.

If you recall we explained in the article ON THE EIGHTH DAY how the blue grid was activated around planet earth, and the possibility of Brookhaven firing up the collider to punch a hole in that grid. If this attempt was successful, then the particular race who are waiting to arrive on our planet earth, will make their presence known and instigate the fall of Terra.

This then, may be the time that the deal struck some time ago (as explained in On the Eighth Day) by an elite few, not the people themselves, will be called in. If this scenario was allowed to go through, the war in the heavens will enter our part of the Solar System, and we will be drawn into the conflict.

The whole point of this deal was in fact a great deception in itself, an excuse to set in place the technology to allow the eventual take over of Terra, thus enslaving her people and preventing our ascension, on December 21st 2012.

In 1998, rumours began to circulate, then escalate on the Internet concerning the anomalous sudden appearance of a vast number of white, unmarked vehicles witnessed parked in storage sites around the USA. Later, photographs of these vehicles began to appear

Let us examine a further related event in the summer of 1999, to be precise at White Mountain, Phoenix, an event that was termed "The White Mountain Evacuation".


Phase 1 has begun, the Alien Red grid was placed up around planet earth, but then on May 5th, the Blue grid was activated, thus overriding, or consuming, the red grid

Phase 2
Pharaoh, not wanting to give up his slaves (Jews, the light Force Souls), orders the first-born (sons) killed

Revelation states that once all things have come to pass, Jerusalem will once again enter into the thousand-year reign. Meaning that all three zeros will align and from that time will once again begin.

The UltimateFinale - The Parting of the Red Sea

The red sea is equated to the contrived alien red grid, which is parted and the Jews (light force souls) escape by passing through the opening, while the soldiers of the Pharaoh are trapped, thus confined to the banks of the red sea, or the red grid. Which in this case will occur on June 22nd 2000!

The people of the Covenant, who stay to fight the battle, will not be left here afterwards. For the ships will come and after the battle, those who died in body, and those who survived, will be taken up to the ships also.

I have seen the aftermath of what comes. Everything flattened in a field of mud and blood, deep enough to reach my knees. By looking into the eyes of the bodies lying there, it is obvious who is to be taken. They are lifted to the ships above. The ones who are to be left, are dead, both in body and in soul. There are no survivors except those that are taken to the ships." (J.K)


In this latest and most crucial update we will demonstrate how the stellar alignment reflected in the layout of the Giza complex on June 22nd will instigate the preparatory phase of the ascension of humankind.

In our recent article, Door No.2 Cayce's Revenge we mentioned the location of a number of tombs below the Plateau, including that of Osiris and Joseph. If you recall, some time ago it was reported that the representational tomb of Osiris had been discovered approximately 100 feet below the causeway of the Pyramid of Khefre.

In the alignment on June 22nd the representative four pillars, corner to corner line up the stars to the smaller pyramid Menkaure.

The two constellations that we are concerned with are CYGNUS and DELPHINUS

Upon looking further at the complete set of sky maps, we find several additional correlation and correspondences, which confirm indeed, that this date is correct and give us the exact timing of the start of this phase.

In addition, at 30 degrees declination straight through the earth from Polaris, is the South Pole, which has no corresponding star. Although North and South Poles are always there, the fact of North containing a star and South not containing a star, relates to our one point we are physically here, and at the corresponding side of the same space and time, we are not.

However, at this point we are directed to the Virgins in this constellation, meaning a virgin birth, as discussed in our previous article, On The Eighth Day.

Turning to the West, we find exactly on the horizon the constellation Virgo, indicating the Virgin is soon to give birth, as Virgo is setting.


There will be some fear surrounding the events.

On The Eighth Day:

May 2000

The majority of the following data has been collated from a diverse range of sources, including government data resources (magnetometer and solar charts) weather and radar maps coupled with the assistance of several individuals and groups worldwide

"There is a war raging in the heavens"

At this point if one were to ask what would be the nearest description of exactly what scenario is unfolding, it would be a mix of the three films:

In this article, we put forward an explanation towards the siting of crystals at what we term today, sacred sites where the focal crystal was placed below the Giza Plateau pyramid complex.

You will notice on Julie Kings site, she explains the red grid and the blue grid. The red grid is manipulated by our military in conjunction with alien technology (the Zetas, who are now believed to have all but left this planet prior to the real grid activating)

Background of events to present day

With reference to our article Edgars Revenge, we mentioned that there were three tombs below the Plateau, that of Joseph, Enlil and Osiris. It is Joseph who is the saving grace in this present scenario unfolding.

The alignment of May 5th was far more than a Planetary alignment, the true alignment concerned the Star of Betelguese in the Orion Constellation. This Star is the Star of Bethlehem. In the book of Genesis we are consistently taken back to Betel, (the Star of Betelguese) and is merely only part of the story.

The second part is Ham, Noah's son, whom by himself would have left Noah in his nakedness, had it not been for his two brothers who symbolically backed in and placed a coat over his nakedness, thus Cloaking him. The two brothers are Shem (Star X), and Japeth (STAR Y). See article INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS

Once the whole Giza Pyramid "Complex", had been deciphered, we were then in a position to incorporate the KNOWLEDGE contained in the Book of Genesis, providing the required tools from which to work. An additional, and essential piece of information, which one needed to understand, was that the Valley temple of Khufu represented our direct LINEAGE (ADAM) that being our SUN. In previous articles we explained how this Pyramid complex is constructed to specifically point out this alignment, This event occurs only once in every "CYCLE", where Betelguese aligns directly through our SUN to our planet Earth, or Terra.

On April 27th what can only be described as a solar torpedo was witnessed on the SOHO and LASCO solar satellite images, heading towards the sun.

To progress, on May 1st we were due to have our second interview with Jeff Rense on the highly acclaimed sightings show, where we were going to reveal certain aspects on the My 5th alignment connected with the Giza Plateau. However, the show was cancelled at literally the very last minute due to a technical problem and totally out of the control of Jeff Rense and his station. We did in fact manage to get back on May 8th, needless to say for some this information was delayed.

It is interesting to note that over the period from May 3rd to May 4th, many electronic communication faults were experienced, especially over the USA, mainly relating to e-mail services etc. In addition, websites connected to our research group, including e-mails, were heavily scanned by certain military communication centres This resulted in severe hacking and file depletion of our main Ambilac site leaving the latest article, INTERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS, in somewhat of an unreadable format.

Radar Ring activity.

MAY 5th Chamber access and Crystal activation.

On May 3rd three individuals left the various cities they were located at the time and proceeded to Cairo, where they all met. These three, up to this point, had no idea as to what event was about to unfold only that their previous training and unique skills would be required. It was here that they were given the co-ordinate entry points (X2).

The team of three re-entered using the Bethlehem Passageway armed only with the knowledge that they received previously in order to successfully carry off this vital and delicate task. Most of what occurred during the late hours of May the 4th when this team made entry, using the Bethlehem Processionway can be heard described on the Jeff Rense SIGHTINGS show archived audiotape of the interview of May the 8th, 2000.

It transpired that when the bolt of energy, thought only to initiate the firing up of the Grid, was relayed upward (reflected upward into the pyramid itself) it entered into a body located in a sarcophagus above. This open sarcophagus, located in a chamber directly above the machinery that had been activated, contained non other than JOSEPH himself. Joseph had been placed in this sarcophagus, in a form of stasis, awaiting this time, a time when the crystal activated the energy released entered not only his body, but also his life-force.

Another member of the group was then sent to the PLATEAU to see if the CHALDEANS required any further assistance. She found herself outside his chamber also confirming JOSEPH had returned to his body, and was also assured that indeed the CHALDEANS had events well in control. AT THIS TIME THE GRID WAS UP AND HOLDING.

In addition to many solar anomalies observed on the Solar satellite images on May 5th the sun cruiser was also noticed

On May 6th radar ring activity began in what appeared to be an effort in which to punch a few holes in the holes into the holding planetary grid. However, on May 8th, the infamous Brookhaven Laboratories, Long Island New York, was seen to fire up showing heavy radar activity, a serious attempt to dislodge or unbalance part of the existing planetary grid. All of these events may be referenced and checked at

On May the 11th we were then summoned back to the Plateau, exactly for what reason we were not too sure.

Two men entered the Bethlehem Processionway where they encountered a group of Chaldeans, who informed them that they had sealed off all accesses to the Chambers located beneath the Great Pyramid. That is except for one, but did not indicate which one or why it was not sealed up

Basically, the writings stated that this machine would, when fired up, draw on external power sources to power the GRID. It seems that the machinery located in the other Chamber was powered by internal energy (stored).

On May 15th the seismometer readings began to increase somewhat, whilst at the same time the LASCO C2 images showed massive Coronal Mass Ejections taking place.

Although the images were withdrawn from public view, it came to our attention that a massive CME occurred whilst the Plieades group was directly north of the sun.

Revelations 12:3 "And there was seen another sign in the heavens; and behold a great dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his head diadems" (crowns).

In addition to this observation, the union of Joseph and Mary (Isis) can be seen symbolically in the tryst between Jupiter and Venus. Remember the May 17th Bethlehem stellar effect? animated at

Was this what the Pope had in mind when he arrived at Fatima in Portugal on May 13th? His intention was the beautification of two of the three Fatima visionary children. After speaking with the sole surviving visionary, Sister Lucia, the Pope ordered the Vatican to prepare the Third Secret of Fatima to be released to the public.

Thus in doing so he has released the energy necessary for the appearance of Isis to carry out her role in the Natural Law.

MAJESTIC and the Greys

program was initiated and expanded rapidly. This program incorporated the knowledge of how to access TIME LINES, whereby the utilisation of these lines offered the time required to side step "natural law".

It is apparent that beyond our sun the force is parked outside they are not in our visible spectrum as they are in another time frame, This time frame will shift when a hole in the grid is created, and they execute any plan they have devised.

Joseph will claim his birthright soon and they know this, so they will attempt to complete their plan as soon as possible.

The Grids an explanation.


The Giza Plateau finally decoded  2012


Pythagoras had three major doctrines:

(1)   Harmony of the Spheres;
(2) Doctrine of Numbers;
(3) Transmigration of Souls.

In the previous article we showed how the plateau model was raised so that the Valley Temple of Khufu represented the Northeast corner of the Great Pyramid (Pi proportion). We also demonstrated that the entrance to the Hidden Room was set at precisely 30 degrees upward from that point. We now find that a 50-degree arc spread from that location elevated from that same location intersects the same point at precisely 25 degrees (midpoint).

We now offer an overview of a few numbers that were provided to us in the Book of Genesis, 300, 50 and 30.


Points to consider

1. The Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), is offset true north by 24 feet, or 3.7142 degrees.
2. The angle of separation lying between the valley temple of Khufu and the Sphinx temple is set at 3.714 degrees.
3. Two sides of the Great Pyramid are laid out to the value of Pi (22/7) calculated as 3.142857142857 etc, and two sides laid out to Phi, the Golden or Divine ratio, that is mathematically half the square root of 5 plus 1 = 1.618034.

The Genesis connection:
The critical recurring number sets here is 7142857 remember the degrees of true north the Great Pyramid is set off by - 3.714285.

If one was to place these numbers in a vertical row in a series of 7 (God created heaven and earth in 6 days, on 7th he rested) keeping the figure 7 in align, the result would be thus;


If these numbers were aligned to 30 degrees, you would have the 12 houses (Zodiac). In other words the trajectories of each set at time of growth. By advancing forward one unit each in its own set, this set creates changes to the other 12 houses.

These lineage sets are millions per galaxy, and determine and identify the exact stage each body is in relationship to the process at any given time. It also gives the location of all six sources of relative energy input. That is, God created the heavens and earth in 6 days etc. Three of the six points are in negative displacement, while the other three are in positive form. This is tetrahedron geometry. The alignment controls our orbital spin and tilt etc

Noahs Ark:

Length 300 cubits (degrees)

Width 50 cubits (degrees)

Max height 30 cubits (degrees)

To find value of zero

The width is fixed in the system at 50 degrees, so each lineage is maximum to 50-degree arc spread.

Each lineage is angled in at 30 degrees, as per pyramid model.

God created Heavens etc 6 days = 6 X 50 =300

Seventh day he rested = 7 = 50 =350

360 - 350 = 10 degrees

10/7 = 1.42857 degrees. So the value of 0 = 1.42857 degrees


From the above the conclusions below may be summarised

1. That on the 2012 the Plateau and the universe from the centre when the value of zero is factored will be in complete alignment.

2. The universe is about to expand, and the possibility exists in 2012 our sun will give birth to a planet.

3. The Giza Plateau sits on the only spot on earth where it could accurately reveal this complex set.


The stars in a set as the 2012 time approaches, the Helix nearing alignment.

On December 21, 2012, at precisely 18 minutes and 13 seconds past 10:00 p.m. local Cairo time, our present time frame will come to an end, and all matter will advance to its next state of existence. A new time frame will also begin.

A new star "X" and a new star "Y", will enter into our model, and as they advance (as will our Sun, along with all other bodies) our Sun will release a large amount of Plasma. This Plasma will create a new planet, which will now be controlled under the 30, 50, 300-degree criteria, as was the planet that preceded it during the last alignment. Bear in mind that all bodies are moving simultaneously as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, etc., move to their next level. This newly formed planet will evolve in the same fashion as all planets that preceded it. As motion creates energy, over time this new planet will begin to form its own energy through internal alignments and a core will be established within this new body. The maximum extent of the core (size) will be proportional to the extent of the influence stars "X" and "Y" exert on it at that distance.



From atop the Pyramid we call HORus/Isis, we notice that it is precisely 15 Degrees offset from the location of the Hall of Records to where the outside corner of KHEFRE (which represents the planet Mars) meets the models baseline. As the Hall of Records is placed in a location to reflect the location of the center of planet Earth, we have used this location point from which we calculated the exact time of day in which the alignment will occur on May the 5th. 2000.


 The book of Genesis was based on theoretical physics with hard testable data, while Exodus is more of a philosophical text, the who, where, how and why if you like.

 EXODUS. 25:8-9

The information is encoded in three parts in the text; the description of the material, the numbers used and the method which all the parts are placed together to fill the whole.

The key to understanding the passage lies solely with ones ability to correctly decipher the various materials used in the construction, E.g. Acacia wood. Acacia is a tree or shrub from which gum Arabic is obtained and the term is applied to a flexible or pliable material, giving way to pressure. Gold, a mineral which is also soft and pliable (sandstone and granite are also minerals) so whenever the term gold is applied, they are referring to rock.

Plan of the Ark :

Based on the premise that Noahs Ark is a structure rather than a boat, one must proceed under the assumption that Noahs Ark is in fact part of the Great Pyramid. It is therefore proposed that the Ark, in which the covenant (crystal) is stored, be accessed from the room inside the Great Pyramid known as the Grand Gallery. When opened, it will lead to the chamber where the covenant is located.

After reading the evidence that we have placed before you, it may worth considering, and taking on board the following section from Exodus:

" There I will meet you and there from above the propitiatory, between the two cherubim on the ark of the commandments, I will tell you all the commands that I wish you to give the Israelites.


Door Number 2 - Edgar's Revenge


We present the latest data, in which one is able to locate the position of the three tombs under the plateau, that of OSIRIS, ENIL and JOSEPH. This article follows on from our last comprehensive article, PART VII, Horus- The Keeper of the Ark of the Covenant.

Genesis is the most complex, interwoven coded piece of literature ever written, in which we concluded there were three levels of work, the third level of which is the revealing of man's genetic code. In addition, we concluded that whoever wrote the book of Genesis had; a) constructed the pyramid complex at Giza, and/or b) possessed intimate knowledge of the blueprint from which the complex was constructed. We also presented the thesis that the earth was conceived by two sets of lineage, the first was our solar sun, while the second is the mathematical set of the six identified in the Bible as ADAM, SETH, ENOSH, CAINAN, MAHALALEL, and JARED. ADAM being our point of origin in our 'star map' - zero degrees. E.g. ADAM (Terah) from Alcyone in the Pleiades, Abram our sun and Abraham planet earth. It is here that we offer this explanation towards an understanding of our origins and what is about to occur with the precursory event on May 5th 2000.

The angle of degrees where the pyramid base intersects the Enoch line is 65.90277, the same angle given to us in Genesis, as the Methuselah line. Having now completed our interpretation of this Adam-Seth model and its relationship to the pyramid of Khufu, we now conclude that Noah's Ark, referred to in the Bible, may in fact be Khufu.

Before we can truly establish the location of the THREE TOMBS located beneath the GIZA Plateau, we must demonstrate how to decipher the importance of the measurements that are made from within the subterranean chamber located beneath the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). Second, only to it's location beneath the pyramid of Khufu and the alignments in relationship to the pyramids interior, can we see that it is the pivotal component required to fully decipher the blueprint of the plateau's secrets.

Drawings Decoded

The drawings were received in what seemed to the individual a jumble of collection of words, numbers, glyphs and shapes, often appearing to be an unconnected scrabble of unknown representations. However, upon serious analysis by our experienced team, it transpired that not only were the drawings highly relevant and crucial to the understanding of the layout of the Giza complex, but the work seem to originate from a source with highly advanced scientific knowledge. That is, knowledge of Astrophysics, mathematics and astronomy etc. It is because these representations confirmed our own findings we considered it crucial to include an analysis with this present update. In essence, they assist in the understanding towards what will occur in relation to the Plateau on May 5th 2000, and on 21st December 2012.

Returning to the Transmitter pyramid, one would interpret that the energy being transmitted to the Receiver pyramid is being re-routed through the Sender pyramid. Thus, even being redirected, still arriving at the intended receiver then to be decoded, in other words, taken back to its original state

There are additional markings contained in the drawing that supports the premise that someone, or something, at the time the portal will open will utilise this stargate in order to relocate to the plateau.

Could this mean that the non-human beings beneath the plateau, presently awakening and in a confined space, would have to be released in order to activate equipment, probably located somewhere beneath the Plateau, in order to establish an end target point for someone or something to target? We believe this to be the case!

This entire global grid is controlled by one, very complex Crystal grouping, and it is this grouping which we refer to as the "CRYSTAL" Its location is located beneath the central power point, which is found deep beneath the Plateau. As much as the non-human beings would like to decommission this out of service, they cannot approach it. There is only one individual who can accomplish this task, known by various names, we will, however, refer to the name given to him in the book of Genesis....JOSEPH.



The following data was calculated as one would observe the heavens on the Giza Plateau, Egypt, at co-ordinates 29 degrees 58' 29" N 31 degrees 8' 28", at 10.00 hours (Oscar time, or 08.00 Zulu time) local time Cairo, on May 5th 2000


In essence we will be soon be witnessing, around mid April, the maximum solar flare and associated high electromagnetic activity observed for some time.

We initially pointed out that the earth was conceived by two sets of lineage, the first was our solar sun, while the second is the mathematical set of the six identified in the Bible as ADAM, SETH, ENOSH, CAINAN, MAHALALEEL, and JARED. ADAM being our point of origin in our 'star map' - zero degrees. E.g. ADAM (Terah) from Alcyone in the Pleiades, Abram our sun and Abraham planet earth.

Pyramids on mars

It is our belief that this five-sided pyramidal structure is the focal point for the redirection of energy flow at the time of the alignment stipulated, in essence assisting towards the 'release' of the Stargate culminating in a vortex opening.


PART V11 B -

The Great Pyramid and THE GREAT STEP:

It is feasible that this rock structure could have been built with two or more stones, however, to maintain the distance and angle of the two side ledges one massive stone was used and pinned to both ledges, ensuring no movement occurred.

If indeed shifting did occur, the moveable rocks may have been misaligned, in turn creating a number of problems

If these three girdle stones were not in position there would have been found three blockages behind the granite plugs. By their very presence they create an obstructed passageway. When Caliph Al Mamun, a 9th century Muslim governor, and his men in circa AD 820 chiselled their way into the Great pyramid they must have dislodged small wedges which held back the girdle stone.

It is the girdle stone apparatus, which when released by the wedging of the two side ledges will fall into place and complete the formation of the hidden passageway.

the interior of the Great Pyramid has to show us, thus;

  1. The entranceway is offset from due North 1.42857 degrees.
  2. From the corner stone as measured from the outside edge of the casing stone between the north East to the North West corner stones, we find the mid point of the centre of the pyramid is offset 1.42857 degrees.
  3. From the outside bottom of the Northeast casing stone we find that the entrance point to the Great Pyramid is at a precise elevation of 15 degrees.
  4. From the centre point of the casing stone directly in line with the north east angle we find that the 15 degree elevation aligns to the face of the 30th tier rock, in direct line north-south as the existing opening is located


Below is a list, although not in its entirety, of the crucial data of which they help point out the following;

  1. The lower marking apex tip is at the precise elevation as the floor level in the Queens Chamber.
  2. The upper marking apex tip is at the precise elevation as the height of the cut off point of the passage way in the Grand Gallery which is directly above the entrance to the passage way leading into the Queens Chamber.
  3. From the outside edge of the upper marking apex point using a north south line as 0 degrees, we find that a 15 degree angle in a downward direction from the horizontal intersects where the upper inside corner of the middle girdle stone intersects with the ascending passage way floor.
  4. The upper marking from the inside edge also shot at a downward 15 degree angle, intersects the point where the outside edge of the middle girdle stone intersects with the passage way floor.
  5. The outside edge of the lower marking apex point once again shooting down precisely 15 degrees, we find this line intersects with the upper side of the first girdle stone where it intersects with the roof of the ascending passageway.
  6. From the inside edge of the lower marking apex we find that a 15-degree line intersects with the upper inside corner of the first girdle stone where it intersects the passageway.
  7. From the outside edge of the lower marking we find that a 15 degree angle, in an upward direction, marks the precise point on the South Gallery wall where the top of the carved line (etched into the bottom section of the fifth corbel) intersects the wall.
  8. From the inside edge of the lower marking we discover that also at 15 degrees upward, this is the location where the bottom section of the line intersects with the South Gallery wall.
  9. From the upper marking outside apex measuring up 15 degrees (from the horizontal) we notice that this is precisely where the roof in the Grand Gallery intersects with the South wall of the Gallery.
  10. From the inside edge of the upper marking once again using our 15-degree elevated projecting, we find that this line intersects at the exact point where the bottom edge of the seventh corbel intersects the South Gallery wall

Once the passageway is formed, it will be discovered to be blocked at the other end by a single rock, and when pushed inward will reveal the existence of a new chamber. Prior to the moving of this rock into the room, it is advised certain precautions be taken.

Care must be taken so as to prevent the rush of air into this chamber, thus it is proposed two vapour/air barriers be placed inside the passageway, thus alleviating the chances of contamination to material within.

Two relatively recent discoveries in and around the Great Pyramid are of importance to those who will continue with the undertaking of reaching this hidden chamber. These are:1. The discovery by Gatenbrink of the doorway, or the rock blocking the shaft which the Upuaut robot encountered in the shaft inside the Queens chamber. And, 2. The underground passageway, discovered by Joseph Schor, leading out from beneath the Great Pyramid to the three satellite, or Queens pyramids, which continue beneath these pyramids.

The computer generated model over a satellite photograph of the three main Giza pyramids show the location of the coffer in the Kings chamber, indicating that there is something contained in the space beneath the Queens pyramids.again, what is above is mirrored below.


Upon entering the chamber, off to the right hand side at floor level, a thin rock is located, which when lifted will expose the entrance to a new shaft, which in turn leads down and out into the hidden chamber


By examining one ancient site, there are others to analyse, we can see how that there was a collective purpose, an integration or applied network of advanced knowledge, that spanned the globe in order that some day this would be understood and utilised when the time came.



The Giza Plateau Connection :

The connection between the Great Pyramid and the method of access to the " Ark of the Covenant " the Crystal, deep below the Giza Plateau.

In this vitally important update, we are placing forward an explanation as to the location, method of construction and opening mechanism of the hidden chamber that will lead to the so termed Ark of the Covenant (or, more precisely, The Crystal!) that lies deep below the Giza plateau.

The entry to this hidden passageway, which ultimately leads to the location of the Covenant, can be found via the Grand gallery within the Great Pyramid of Khufu. ( Cheops )


If one follows the article on the AMBILAC site (Ambilac news), the entrance to the HOR can be seen to have been established under the south paw of the Sphinx, but only when the Sphinx has been moved down to its calculated position. That is after moving the entire associated valley temples, etc to their aligned position.

This location was given as:

Lat. 29 deg. 58 29"

Long 31 deg. 08 28"

The present location of the Sphinx is exactly 15 degrees, when calculated from the west end of the right paw, up to the mid point of the bottom casing stone located on the east side of the Great Pyramid. From that very point, it is precisely 30 degrees in elevation to the centre point of the sarcophagus (the Coffer) located in the Kings chamber. This enables us to point out that from the Hall of Records we can establish the precise location of the tomb of OSIRIS! Indeed, the sarcophagus of Osiris and the sarcophagus of the Kings chamber are the same! Remember the adage of the Hermetic texts, as above so below, in this case it is as it is inside, it is outside.


The hidden chamber, as we will explain in detail, is accessed through an opening in the Grand Gallery, from where an access point, under a thin rock located in the floor of the room, will ultimately lead to the covenant. This chamber, where the Covenant can be found, is formed by a natural cavity within the limestone below the Great Pyramid.

However, this structure, known by most as the Covenant, is in fact The CRYSTAL, of which we have discussed in detail in our previous updates. This complex crystal emits the BLESSING, or the shield as explained in our article The Great Experiment.


The site must be deciphered in its entirety.


To comprehend as to what this is all about in our search for the hidden chambers and thus to the stored covenant under the Giza plateau, we must begin by identifying and deciphering the intricacies involved in the layout of the Giza Plateau once more.

We will now show you how to locate the entrance to the hidden chamber


A continuous downward pressure from each of these wedges causes a rock at the lower end of each wedge to be forced out and subsequently fall. As these rocks fall, so does the layer of sand, thus creating a shifting surface below the ledges. This surface allows the walkways to rotate slightly, and it is during this process the two ledges separate further

Once the walkway reached the height to which the Great step was to be placed, a hole was drilled into both ledges and an iron pin inserted. Corresponding holes were then drilled into the Great step, which was then fitted to connect with the ledges. The great step now became part of the hinge mechanism.

Once the mechanism was in place, sand was poured in allowing the massive weight of the ledges to rest upon the sand, until such time when the opening be activated.




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